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Shopping trip success

It’s been a good weekend! Productive and fun! How was yours?

We worked out Saturday morning and I biked for a half hour at a good resistance! I also lifted weights and walked. My ankle didn’t bother me at all. Woo hoo!

After lounging around the house a while, I decided to go shopping at the mall and to some other places.

I haven’t bought any clothes in a while, but I found a tank top and two shirts at the Gap–all for $20. My husband thinks the black and white top looks too much like my other “French girl” shirts but I disagree. I love these t-shirts from Gap. The material, cut and prints all are wonderful.

I also picked up a free Hand Relief at Aveda (with a coupon I got in the mail) and some foundation (back to using what has always worked for me–Double Wear in Sand) and received the gift from Estee Lauder with a cute chevron bag and makeup goodies.


gift with purchase-Estee Lauder

I ran to DSW to look for some flats, but had no luck. I then went to downtown Wauwatosa to Oro de Oliva (more on that later this week) and finally I popped in Outpost, a local co-op grocery store. Shopping at Outpost was so nice. I found quite a few things and it had me wishing we had one close by. But, then again, when Trader Joe’s opens nearby in August, I’ll probably be there every other weekend.

Back to Outpost–I spotted this DentaTreat and called Craig to see if he thought we should get it. Karma had inflamed gums and he also has tummy troubles (besides his lung being collapsed) and this sounded perfect. It’s a powder we add to his wet food and I noticed it has acidophilus in it, which is great for his tummy. He’s had it twice so far and seems to gobble it up.

Wysong DentaTreat

Once back home, I pulled this new spice out of the cabinet to add to the veggies I was roasting for dinner.

Penzey's Spice Ruth Ann's Muskego Ave Chicken and Fish Seasoning

Chopped up the broccoli and brussels sprouts for roasting!

broccoli and brussels sprouts

All done and fantastic! I swear that shopping at Outpost made me want to eat tons of veggies. 🙂

brussels sprouts and broccoli

To get full use out of the oven, I mixed up this package of muffin mix.

Simple Mornings Blueberry Streusel muffins

I had one fresh out of the oven and it was delicious, of course!

Later on, I watched a few episodes of Ted Talks on Netflix. One featuring Jamie Oliver and the other, Mark Bittman.


We ended the evening with the movie The Descendents. We watched about 3/4 of it before we went to bed and finished it today. It wasn’t great, but not that bad either.

Today, I cleaned up around the house and then we drove downtown to the central library. I checked out these two books, which I probably won’t start until later this week.

Crohns and Colitis book and The End of Overeating

Our next adventure included going to the downtown YMCA. It was such a nice facility. I loved the track. We walked three laps, which equaled 1/2 mile, did the elliptical and lifted weights. The weight machines were different than our Y, but we figured them out pretty quickly. We were hungry after and I really wanted a juice from Fresh juice bar. It was closed. 😦 I opted for some guacamole and chips from Qdoba, two bites of Craig’s Culvers burger and a Snickers custard since I hadn’t really indulged in sweets all weekend long.

Amazing Race is on, so I will end this super long post and go watch it. Good night!

My week in a nutshell

1) This has been an emotional week since a co-worker was severely injured in a freak accident while traveling overseas. I just keep thinking of her and sending positive thoughts her way. If I learned anything from her accident, it’s that Craig and I should take out good insurance when we travel in case something as odd as what happened to her could randomly happen to us.

2) I sprained my ankle at work this afternoon. It still hurts and is swollen. I think I’ll have to get an x-ray tomorrow to make sure I didn’t break anything. This is the foot I had a fractured in 2007 and it was supposed to heal on it’s own. Ugh, it’s so frustrating being injured.

3) I went to the library twice this week. Thursday’s trip involved picking up these lovely materials. I am especially excited about the Hunger Games soundtrack!

As you can see, I’m still exploring my career options and doing my research.


These are photos of the back staircase I frequently walk up on my lunch break visits to the downtown library. Stairs was the April photo of the day subject for today.

Ugly shoes were worn with white socks because of the sprained ankle. Needed the most support possible so I could easily limp along. Good thing I keep comfy flats in my office for these types of situations.



4) Our cats were pretty naughty this week. A gross smell kept occurring when our heat would come on. Well, I came to find out that there was fresh poop by our couch.

Last night, they got into a Cheetos bag my husband left out (naughty husband too) and I found ripped pieces of the bag everywhere and puke on the carpet, that thankfully was not orange.

5) I was so looking forward to starting a month long French language class this weekend, until it got canceled due to low enrollment. Ugh. Now I guess I’ll have to resort to watching Amelie over and over again and teaching myself through podcasts and CDs from the library. Merde.


6) I received some more details on an overnight trip I’ll be taking with some Milwaukee bloggers to Madison in June. I am most excited to see how yummy Wisconsin cheese is made, visit the farmer’s market, explore parts of the state I haven’t been to before and to eat good food.

7) Where I eat breakfast and the subject of Wednesday’s photo of the day. I always eat with that little bugger of a kitty too. He usually sits on my lap.


8) Food I’ve been eating–frozen Dole berries (totally got them cheap with double coupons) have made their way into my greek yogurt all week and I love the addition.


Mom gave me some banana cake on Sunday and it is delicious!


9) It’s been cold this week and “cold” was the photo a day theme for Tuesday. I am so ready for summer.


10) I’ll end with these photos of me as a little girl. I had fun taking photos of old photos for my Monday photo of the day subject, which was “younger you.”


Craig laughs at this picture because he thinks I look like a detective. It’s sort of one of his nicknames for me because I have a good memory and I am always investigative with my thoughts and research. I can’t help it. My siblings and parents are the same way.



Hope you had a good week! I’m off to elevate and ice.

Library nerds

I usually take Wednesdays off from the gym and that’s what I did tonight.

We made frozen cheese and potato pierogis for dinner (Bremer brand from Aldi–will definitely be purchasing again) and I had sauerkraut and brussels sprouts too. I love sauerkraut and probably could eat it every day. I am incorporating it into my dinners this week so I can use it up. Last night, I had a Rachel panini sandwich and it was delicious!


Dessert was a small bowl of Neapolitan ice cream. Karma joined me 🙂 More like he stole Craig’s spot when he got up to get dessert.


After dinner, we went to the library cause we’re nerds like that. I have talked about my love of libraries on the blog before, so no need to go into that again.

I read this greek yogurt comparison in the May/June 2011 issue of Cook’s Illustrated magazine and found it pretty interesting.


I was shocked to see this about my precious Chobani.


I wasn’t surprised at what was “not recommended.” I’ve tried all three brands and I didn’t love Yoplait and The Greek Gods brands.


Here’s what I brought home with me to read. I have an overabundance of magazines at home, but I enjoy checking out magazines that I don’t subscribe to.


Love library night! I just wish I had more time to spend there. Maybe on a day off in the future.

It’s getting late, so I am going to read some blogs and then a few magazines before bed.

Sleepy Saturday

Since I didn’t get home until midnight last night, my sleep cycle was off today. I woke up early thanks to the lovely cats knocking on the baby gates for their food and then I went back to bed around 10:30 for another hour. It felt good. I hadn’t done that in so long.

Once I woke up, I was in the mood for a salty snack, so I dug into the lollihop package and tried pacific sea salt somersaults. I loved the taste and so did Craig. I haven’t seen these in any stores, but I will most likely buy them if I do see them in the future.


Surprised to see so much protein in this little package too!



Craig and I went out to one of my favorite places to visit on a lazy Saturday–the library.


I love libraries and always have. I like to read different magazines than I subscribe to at home (even though I have a huge pile of my own to get through). I even looked through Cat Fancy to see what tips they gave on controlling cats’ weight. I found an article about how Mark Twain loved cats and I liked this quote and photo of him with an adorable kitten.


I also took a photo of a dry shampoo/refresher that I may try in the future. For all of you dark haired ladies–note how it says it doesn’t leave a white residue in the hair. Oh and the history about Schwarzkopf inventing dry/powder shampoo in 1903 in Berlin above that is pretty cool too.


We also went out to take advantage of the BOGO holiday drinks at Starbucks. We waited in a huge line for them and tried a Caramel Brulee Latte and a Peppermint Mocha. I actually thought I was going to like the Caramel one best, but it was too sweet for me. The Peppermint Mocha was quite tasty though.




I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this bumper sticker in the mall parking lot. The word colon caught my eye as I drove past the car. Literally beef does rot in my colon and make me sick.


The mall was absolutely nuts already. I am definitely going to do as much holiday shopping online as possible!

We’re watching this tonight. Craig’s favorite musical group is the Chemical Brothers and they composed the soundtrack for the movie.


Off to get some Cousin’s subs for dinner and a little trip to Target before settling in for the night!

Sleepy St. Patrick’s Day

It’s a little after 8 p.m. and hard to believe I have been on the couch asleep for the last two hours. Boo. I ate dinner and then just crashed. Unfortunately, so did my husband and we both woke up at 7:45 after sleeping for a while. Anyone else feel so tired this week? My co-workers have all been telling me they’re unusually tired too. Could it be the time change? Weather change? I even got more sleep last night!

So, no gym tonight. Which meant no yoga and now I am sad. Good thing I have trainer Bob’s Yoga Warrior dvd checked out from the library. Maybe I’ll pop him into the dvd player after this quick post.

Breakfast–I officially want greek yogurt for breakfast every morning this week. I had it again with the wild blueberry preserves. It fills me up just perfectly so my tummy isn’t growling at work. Plus, I just haven’t been in the oatmeal mood lately. Again, probably due to the warmer weather.

Chobani plain greek yogurt, wild blueberry preserves, Jonathan Adler Starbucks coffee

Snack time was the “usual” for this week too. I seem to be in a routine with my eats.

yogi tea, Nutrition Action, granola bar

Loved this quote, which reminded me of a story my co-worker told me today.

yogi tea quote

A sweet co-worker of mine who is also interested in nutrition borrows me the Nutrition Action newsletter. She brought me in their healthy foods bonus section along with the newest newsletter. I read through the healthy foods pamphlet on my morning break and they scored various foods, which reminds me of NuVal. Top food items in each category include:

Fruit: Guava
Veggies: Kale (spinach is right behind it)
Beans: Soybeans (pinto is next)
Grains: Quinoa
Leanest meats: Turkey breast

No surprise with these choices, huh?

Speaking of turkey breast, I had some deli turkey meat on a Flat Out wrap for lunch. I added Frank’s Red Hot, spinach, tomatoes and provolone cheese. Yummy!

I also had a Strawberry Banana chobani yogurt and carrot sticks.

turkey, spinach, provolone wrap, chobani strawberry banana yogurt, carrots

I ate my lunch among co-workers at the library story time session. Today’s story was a love story set in China. Good story, but I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I swore it was the tryptophan in my turkey, but maybe I was just plain tired (as was evidenced from my long nap tonight).

At an afternoon work meeting, I snacked on the red grapes and a toffee bar. I also had some coca-cola to wake me up. I drink soda about once a month, if that, and it’s in situations like the one today where I was sooo tired and it was offered for free so I couldn’t pass it up.

And for dinner, I totally didn’t feel like eating much. I snacked on some tortilla chips and Herdez green salsa. I then had more of the same meal I had for breakfast. My tummy just wants yogurt lately, so much that I realize I had it three times today.

I guess the blog post evidences that I felt kind of “off” today in general.

With that, it’s time to get this post published and get some stuff done around here so the whole night isn’t wasted.

Did you go out and celebrate this St. Patrick’s Day? I never do, but I was surprised at how empty the roads into work were this morning. I guess a lot of people took off to party!

Change of scenery

Thanks to my twitter viewing husband who saw the tweet about it, I was able to find a cool program to attend at the library during my lunch break today. Hence the title of this post, I got a much needed change of scenery and it felt great!

So, the program I went to was an adult storytime in honor of women’s history month. I grabbed a turkey, avocado, tomato, and red onion panini from the cafe at the library and it hit the spot (I didn’t take a pic because I was talking to the storytelling librarian and I think she would have been confused if I whipped out my camera and took a pic of my sandwich). I also needed a change in my lunchtime food, since I tend to bring my lunch every day, sometimes that gets a little old.

Breakfast was really filling–stovetop oats with a whole banana, pb, and nutella.

coffee (in China starbucks cup); oatmeal with pb and nutella

I tried Weleda’s Lavender Relaxing Body Oil before my meditation session this afternoon. I think it relaxed me a little too much because I kept falling asleep! Anyway, Weleda sent me their Skin Food back in December and this time, I purchased the oil because I was so impressed with their natural products. I LOVE lavender, so this product is perfect as a moisturizer or as an oil to use before meditation or yoga.

Weleda Lavender Relaxing Body Oil

Dinner was a pb and jelly sandwich on the only bread we had left–the ends of the loaf, which I usually find gross and give to the birds. I really shouldn’t do that as they weren’t that bad. I also had a Strawberry Banana Chobani yogurt.

strawberry banana chobani; pb & jelly sandwich

Dessert was a mint chocolate ice cream sandwich (Aldi Fit and Active brand).

mint chocolate ice cream sandwich

And I blogged before 6:15 tonight instead of around 8:30, so it’s time to log off, change into my yoga clothes and get to the gym for a relaxing yoga session with my favorite teacher.

Only one more day until the weekend! Woot woot!

Monday off

I had this Monday off because I work on Saturday. I am also hoping for this Wednesday off because of the snow!

Originally, I wanted to treat myself to a matinee movie of The King’s Speech. Those plans all changed as I ate the breakfast below (Stonyfield plain yogurt with Jessica’s almond cherry granola, fresh blueberries, chia seeds and a bit of almond milk; coffee; and a jalapeno cornbread muffin I had to save for a mid-morning snack because I was too full from my main meal).

yogurt with granola, chia seeds, blueberries; jalapeno cornbread muffin; coffee

You see, the last in the trilogy of the Stieg Larsson books was due back to the library today. I still had about 150 pages to read. Well, I stayed on the couch, snuggled with Karma and read the rest of the book. It moved fast at the end, but I think I read for about an hour and a half straight!

By the time I finished reading, I really felt like moving and going to the gym instead of showering and heading to a movie theater to sit for two hours. I sat enough (and napped) all weekend! The gym was calling me and I headed there for a good two hours.

Before the gym, I needed something to hold me over until the end of my workout. I snacked on half of a peanut butter cookie Larabar.

peanut butter cookie larabar

Walking into the gym, a cute little toddler girl was walking out way ahead of her mom and into the round driveway where cars pull up quite often. I looked at her mom’s face and immediately turned around to stop the little girl. It was a scary moment for her mom, who was tied up with a little boy in her arm. She was very grateful for what I did and then the guy who checked me into the Y said to me, “you saved that little girl.” It was my good deed for the day.

I worked out on the elliptical for 45 minutes. Blame HGTV and an American looking for a house in the French countryside. Aaah, they get me every time with International House Hunters. I also did a full circuit of weights and then called it quits, because it was a little after 1 p.m. at this point.

The snow was coming down pretty badly when I was driving back and I was glad to get off the slushy roads. Sadly, this is just the beginning of the snow for us this week!

For lunch, I made a buffalo tofu wrap for lunch with a whole wheat tortilla, spinach and swiss cheese.

buffalo tofu with spinach, swiss cheese, whole wheat tortilla

This meal filled me up! I probably will bring the same thing for lunch tomorrow too. Tofu is the perfect food for me because I normally don’t eat a lot of protein and subsequently, don’t feel full and want to snack a couple of hours after a meal. With tofu, I always feel full until my next meal.

After lunch, I got to work on dumping photographs from iPhoto onto my Lacie hard drive. I really need to make photo books out of each season or year. Otherwise, digital photos just sit on my hard drive. Blogging has also caused rows and rows of food pictures to sit in my iPhoto. I need to clear those off my computer, because really, what am I going to do with all of them?

I headed out in the snow again to return my book and dvd to the library. Then it was time to shovel some of the driveway until my hands were so freezing cold that I couldn’t stand it anymore.

Off to get ready to head out again with Craig! We’re going to look at one more eyeglass place and then hopefully order some new glasses for him tonight.

Hope you had a good Monday!

Restful evening

Tuesday is my rest day from the gym. I needed it today after feeling quite sore all over from yesterday’s Boot Camp. My thighs, quads, triceps and especially my abs (from the scooters) hurt. It wasn’t the same soreness I got from Body Pump at the Y, but was a close second.

For dinner tonight, I wanted to challenge myself to Tina’s Cookbook Challenge. Alas, I realized that unlike Tina, I don’t have that many great cookbooks. I like pictures–I am a visual person. Mine lack pictures. I do have some checked out from the library, but figured those didn’t count. I looked through the two below and decided I didn’t like anything I saw and was craving quinoa anyway.

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