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Saturday = no work = good mood

Despite yesterday being Friday, I wasn’t in a good mood after an early morning meeting. Let’s just say I keep finding my job more and more unfulfilling every day and I need to do something about it, but I don’t know what that something is yet. I haven’t found a new job or applied for any. I still want to change careers anyway, but that isn’t an easy thing to do. Being unhappy depresses me. I want a challenge. I want the skills I worked so hard for in so many years of schooling put to good use. More on this later at the end of the post.

My lunch break was spent reading a sample NASM personal training lesson to see if it’s something that interests me. I met someone at work last week that inspired me to possibly pursue fitness and nutrition via this program vs. going back to traditional school for yet another expensive degree.


After a restful sleep, I woke up in a good mood today. Maybe a good laugh with my hubby last night (over play dough and other things) and a good sleep is all I needed, just like this Irish Proverb says. My sweet ex-boss posted this on my Facebook page today.

I’ve still been keeping up with the March photo a day and I am always excited to see what the next day’s theme is. Thursday was car, so here’s a purposely fuzzy photo of mine.


Friday was sunglasses. Sadly, it wasn’t the sunniest of days and mine were in their case.


Today was green of course (Happy St. Patty’s Day!), so here’s my green purse and wallet.


After hitting the gym this morning for a great workout (love it when my energy is up and I push myself extra hard like I did today), I went to the mall. I dropped off some clothes to donate for the Goodwill sale at a local department store and I brought Macy’s coupons because a new Macy’s opened there.


I was pretty thirsty after shopping for a while and standing for an hour, watching a fashion show (more on that tomorrow and the celebrity that was the host), so I ventured over to Starbucks for one of my favorite summer drinks. A passion iced tea. I haven’t been to a Starbucks in a while, so I naturally had to get the latest free book offer.


I always ask for “just a little bit of ice” and the baristas or cashiers always kind of laugh. Well, I hate when I get an iced coffee and basically finish it in two big sips. Anyway, the girl today was extra nice and even said back to me “easy on the ice then” and I said yes. Now I know how to order it properly next time without getting a chuckle! It was perfect too–not too cold and it wasn’t warm at all.


The only purchase I made all day was at Bed Bath and Beyond and I got this cute pink Tervis “to go” lid for my Foodbuzz Tervis cup. I can’t wait to bring iced coffees to work instead of buying them off and on throughout the week.


Before we ran to Wal-mart to check out bike pumps and get fun things like toilet paper and toothpaste, I snacked on these bad boys. Love buffalo wing anything and these are fantastic!


At Wal-mart, I saw a huge reminder of the fact that I need to change my job soon. It involves the fact that I have to order items like play doh, etc. for an upcoming program. Let’s just say ordering items for my co-workers doesn’t thrill me at all and I had bad experiences with this in the past. It’s not the act of ordering, but then again, it sort of is because it gets back to that whole unfulfilled thing.


And then I saw it again. Aaah, it’s everywhere! Actually this one looks kind of fun because it involves mock baking.


Other Saturday fun included doing our taxes. My angel of a husband did them for us, but we also had many discussions about retirement accounts and such. I’ll be glad when they’re done and I hope we’ll actually get some money back this year with the way we’re going about contributing more to our IRA.

Phew, that post was a long post and I am sorry about my occasional whining about my job situation, but this is my blog and I want to document the fact that I am unhappy with that part of my life right now. I know this is public and I risk things by saying what I do, but sometimes it’s worth it to openly vent.

Hope you had a great St. Patrick’s Day!

A little bit of everything

I couldn’t really come up with a great title for this post, so I just called it “a little bit of everything” because that’s what it is. Do you ever struggle with titles for your blog posts?

It was Monday for me and I had a good first day back. It helped that it was sunny and warmer out, which seems to have put everyone in a splendid mood.

Catching up on my March Photo a Day…I forgot to add my photo for Sunday. I didn’t take it on Sunday, but it’s a picture from Christmas of my sister-in-law Amanda and brother Gary. I spoke to Amanda last week and Gary on Sunday, so he was my someone I talked to. They live in California and I used to see them all the time when I lived out there, so I miss both of them. Amanda has the cutest Scottish accent that everyone loves!


Today’s photograph was “sign” so I took this one on my way to the bank to get a document stamped by a Notary Public. It seems like many cities have acquired these types of direction signs for their main attractions, which I think is cool and very helpful.


The Notary Public thought I looked like Amy Poehler from SNL. I don’t think I do, but he said he could have sworn “the girl from SNL was sitting outside of his office needing something notarized.”


As I walked back to work, I almost got hit by a car again. Someone turning right didn’t even watch for pedestrians and I am glad I waited for her to pass through the intersection. Ugh, I feel like I am a target lately! Too many close calls and they’re making me scared of cars.

I pass by a lot of pretty buildings in downtown Milwaukee on my bus ride. This is a shot I got of the Pfister, our most expensive and historic hotel. It might be haunted. I’ve never been inside the hotel and need to remedy that soon.


Dinner tonight had to be quick because I got home from work later than I normally do. I grabbed this packet of Thai Sesame Noodles from our pantry. I purchased it at Aldi a couple of weeks ago.


Added some veggies and grapes on the side, which made for a delicious and very green meal. I guess it’s appropriate since St. Patty’s day is on Saturday.


After my stomach settled a bit, I hit the gym. I rowed, did the elliptical and lifted weights. I had the itch to exercise outside, but I guess I can do that tomorrow since it’s supposed to be gorgeous out!


A day with mom and dad

My parents now live in a different city than I grew up in. They happen to live in the same city my husband works in (which is how we reconnected after we knew each other in high school). I was off today so I could have two full days in a row away from the office. So, I went to work with Craig today.

My parents picked me up from his work and we headed to get their taxes done.

I read magazines at the library, which was so relaxing and what I needed. Love Natural Health!


Took lots of pictures of things in magazines with my phone. I do this with recipes (like I did below of the lentil meatballs) and with beauty and other products. It helps so much not to have to try to remember something off the top of my head.


Took my March Photo a Day photo of a fork. Since I wasn’t sure I would eat with a fork today based on the meals I thought I would have, I took a picture of one in a magazine instead. 🙂


It was quite a rainy day, but we couldn’t complain because we were just happy it wasn’t snow.


My mom is a quilter and Craig needed another blanket for the bed, so my mom gave us this one.


Had lunch with my favorite person. 🙂 It was a quick lunch because he had one of his busiest days at work of the year. Go figure that both of our busiest days fall at the exact same time. Good thing neither of us has been stressed. It must be the meditation working!


Here is our lovely view of North Prairie as we ate lunch at Za Zing.


Za Zing is where Craig and I first met up for ice cream in the summer of 2007. It wasn’t a blind date because we knew each other in high school, but we hadn’t seen each other in almost 10 years. This is also the place he proposed to me at because it’s where our technical first date was.


We both got the Chicken Supreme sandwich and man it was good! I don’t eat meat that often, but when I do, I definitely feel so full all day. I ate this so quickly because I hadn’t had my normal morning snack like I do at work.


Of course my mom always bakes some kind of yummy treat and today’s choice was a chocolate chip bar. Had two of these and will definitely take some home to munch on. Isn’t eating at your parents’ house lovely?


This afternoon, my mom helped me with my retirement accounts and investing. Not my favorite thing! I’m glad I got my Roth and another IRA account figured out. Craig and I still need to take a class on investing.

Now my mom and I are watching Ellen. The day flew by, as most days off do. It was fun to change up my routine and visit with my parents.

Exhaustion and Larabar Winner

I am still exhausted from work over the last couple of days. I walked over 13 miles in two days just at work alone. My feet were killing me on the second day! The good news is that I worked my butt off to get that program all organized and well run and it paid off. It went well and there were no hiccups. To hear the word “great” over and over again was so nice!

My pedometer from Friday.


Bus ride into work on Friday–my Crumpler bag was my red item for the March Photo a Day.


On Saturday morning, Karma was loud per usual, so he was my loud thing for Saturday’s march photo.


Did you hear about this story? I feel bad for the lady. Maybe it’s the midwesterner in me, but she is allowed to like Olive Garden and be excited for it to have come to her small town. I loved Olive Garden back in the day but haven’t been there in ages.


This story was also in the Sunday newspaper today. I’d love to pay more for a hotel that has group exercise classes or workout equipment in my room.


And finally, the winner of the four larabars! Congrats to Mindy from just a one girl revolution! Mindy, please e-mail me your address and your phone number. 🙂 Thanks to everyone for entering.

I’m off of work tomorrow and I need another rest day. I’m actually headed to spend the day with my parents, so it will be a nice change of pace.

Busy Friday Ahead

I’ve been slacking on the Fitness Friday posts and I’m afraid today is no different. I have a big thing to coordinate at work today and tomorrow, so I’ll be beat tonight and will probably crash on the couch from exhaustion. It will be interesting to see how many steps I take because I’ve been averaging 10,000 just at work alone over the last couple of days.

Here are two of my March Photo a Day pictures.

3-7: Something I wore.


3-8: Window. Mine show the old and new.


And to make me smile as I go into two nutso work days….our cats.



Have a good Friday all! Have you entered my Larabar giveaway yet?

Feeling unlucky

This happened today. Bleh. Hate cars. At least I discovered it when I got home from running my errands, not while I was out. I must have run over a nail or something at the grocery store. So, it’s off to the car dealership instead of the gym tonight. They don’t even have a replacement tire for me, so it’ll be a day or two until I get my car back.


Yesterday’s March photo a day was bedside. iHome, hair ties and hand lotion.


And today was a smile. I was smiling before the flat tire and have been pouty and mad ever since. At least Karma is kind of smiling. 🙂


Luckily, I got some more Chobani at the grocery store. Eating this put me in a good mood.


Besides the flat tire, I fell last night and am still hurting as a result. Total dorky Lisa move, but I had finished watching Season 2 of Downton Abbey, got the disc out of the DVD player, turned around to walk it to the kitchen table and ran smack into the vacuum that we had set out in the living room. I fell with the vacuum cleaner and my right side hit the hard bits. I somehow hurt the left side of my foot and it’s still painful. My toes hurt, but I don’t think they are broken because I doubt I could walk at all if they were. It just hurts to walk. I am so clutzy. It sucks.

Not really looking forward to this week either. I was off of work today because I work on Saturday. Have responded to tons of work e-mails off and on today. Mostly from people who haven’t read the material I sent out three weeks ago. Life lesson: if someone has worked hard on organizing something, read what they send you! 🙂 End rant.

Let’s hope this week gets better. I still need to recap my friend’s wedding! That’ll be a positive and pretty post.

Power outage and Chobani winner

The lucky winner of the new Chobani flavors is…Sarah from Sarah Learns! You were lucky #19. Sarah, e-mail me your address and I will send it off to my Chobani contact. 🙂

I would have picked the winner last night, but around 6:45 p.m., the power flickered off and on multiple times and we lost power. I wasn’t in the mood to do much mostly because I was worried about when the power would come back on.

We have had a very mild winter here in Wisconsin, but the drive home last night was sloppy.



I came home to goodies on my door step though! White Girl salsa is the sweetest. I received that package last Saturday with broken jars and I cut my finger on the glass. They made up for it by sending me two jars of mild tomatillo that were delivered unbroken!


Tried it last night and it was yummy!


Isn’t this the most clever and cute note? They even attached band aids! Loved it! Thanks White Girl Salsa.


When the power went out, I decided to read by candlelight. Don’t know if I have ever done that! I am loving Jillian Michaels’ Unlimited. I’m about halfway through, so I’ll do a review when I am done.


We bundled up for bed with all of the blankets we own and both couldn’t really sleep that well. Around 2 a.m., the power came back on which was such a huge relief. It had been 60 degrees in our house. Pretty cold!

This morning, I got my haircut and the stylist gave me some cute curls since I am going to my friend Laurie’s wedding tonight!


Here’s a shot of my neighborhood for the March Photo a Day.


Time to paint my nails, get my outfit ready and maybe take a nap before Laurie’s wedding!

Guest post and fruit

Happy Friday everyone!

I wrote a guest post over at Kimberly’s blog, Sunny State of Mind, so check it out today! If you’re feeling stressed on this Friday, it will especially help you out as the topic is on “Tips to Help You Stress Less.” I know I have a lot of work to squeeze in before a three day weekend, so I am going to listen to my own advice. Oh and yesterday was my one year anniversary of meditating, so it’s only appropriate that one of the things I wrote about in my post for Kimberly is meditation.

If you’ve clicked over from Kimberly’s blog, please say hi and introduce yourself!

Switching topics to the #marchphotoaday project…

Here’s my photo of fruit taken this morning before I jetted off to work. Our fruit bowl is typically full of pink lady apples my fav) and bananas (which I often have to force myself to eat). What’s in your fruit bowl?

You’ve got some time yet to enter my Chobani giveaway if you haven’t yet! I’ll pick a winner tonight! There are only 25 entries, so your odds are pretty good. 🙂

Have a wonderful Friday!