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My week at a glance

Wow, this week flew by! I can’t believe it’s Friday tomorrow, hooray!

Here is what I have been up to.

Thanks to Partners Hub, I got to try all sorts of various chocolate milk with my work lunches all week.

The Horizon was my favorite.

Horizon Chocolate milk

Lala chocolate milk

I have been enjoying looking at the beautiful mum plants planted along Wisconsin Avenue on my bus ride to and from work. I need to buy some mums of my own next year. They are just so pretty. I love fall!

Mums in Milwaukee

I found a cool new book at the library this week. I have been enjoying looking through it so far. I always like to check out magazines I don’t subscribe to, like Cooking Light.

Fitness for Geeks and Cooking LIght

I have been eating Sassy Cow ice cream for dessert all week. I love this salted caramel flavor!

Sassy Cow Creamery Salted Caramel ice cream

I got to get away from the office for most of my Thursday and spend it at a conference held at the Harley Davidson Museum. I didn’t get to go in the museum yet, but the buildings and grounds themselves were cool to walk around!

Harley Davidson Museum



It seemed like all of my shoes were falling apart this fall, so I have been buying a lot of new ones, including these lovely $12 black patent flats from Target (they were on sale last week). I am not usually that keen on patent, but they look nice and dressy for work. I wore them today and they were very comfortable. Much better than heels!


No photo to show, but Craig and I went to yoga tonight and it was great. We hadn’t gone together in a while and it was fun to practice with him. While my usual favorite teacher wasn’t there, I enjoyed the new poses our substitute teacher came up with, especially the ab ones.

I hope your week flew by like mine did! It’s almost the weekend!

MAM, Anaba and Thirst and Vine

I was furloughed today, so I enjoyed my afternoon by doing a couple of things in Milwaukee.

I checked out the Milwaukee Art Museum’s Posters of Paris exhibition. I am always impressed by the exhibits there and this one was no different.


I went to Alterra after and had one of their Sportea Iced Teas. It was green tea with electrolytes, etc. and really tasty. Just the pick me up I needed after walking in the 100 degree heat.


Then I met my social coordinator for the summer (she keeps coming up with cool places to check out and classes to take so this is what I am calling her now), Karis, who asked me to check out a Portraits of Milwaukee exhibit with her at Anaba tea room in Shorewood.



The photographs were great and I’d recommend going to check them out! The photographer, John O’Hara, shot various scenes of Milwaukee, such as the state fair, nature scenes and Milwaukeeans enjoying our wonderful city.

We went up to the rooftop garden, which would make a lovely place for a wedding or a great place to escape to and enjoy a cup of tea.



Then we headed over to Thirst and Vine on Oakland Avenue for dinner.



I liked this sign, of course.


After reading positive reviews about it, I ordered the lunch portion of the four cheese mac and cheese, which was very comforting.


The size was perfect because I managed to finish it all and I don’t think I could have done that with the dinner sized portion.


It’s back to work for me tomorrow, which will feel strange after being off for two days!

Fresh Healthy Eatery review

A new healthy cafe opened up at Grand Avenue mall in downtown Milwaukee last month and I tried it out for lunch today. It’s called Fresh Healthy Eatery and Juice Bar and serves juices, smoothies, soups and sandwiches.


After checking out the juices and sandwiches, I decided on a carrot, beet, pineapple and apple juice and the veggie delight sandwich.


Unfortunately, when I got to the counter to order, I learned that because they were out of avocado, I couldn’t order the veggie delight. I had read reviews about the restaurant where this same thing happened to others. That probably needs to change if they want repeat customers. I hope that the next time I go back, I am able to order the veggie delight.

Instead, I went with the other vegetarian sandwich, the Grilled Tofu. It had grilled herb tofu, homemade sun-dried tomato pesto and is served on flax seed bread.

The seating area is spacious and perfect for the office workers coming and going quickly during their lunch break, like I did.


Here was my yummy sandwich and drink! I really liked the way the tofu was prepared, the flavor of the sundried tomato paste and the flax bread. It’s definitely something I could recreate at home.

The juice tasted odd at first. I think I would have preferred it without the pineapple. It grew on me and I quickly gulped it down.


Liked: healthy options, friendly staff, cleanliness
Disliked: not being able to order what I wanted and the prices. The juice was $4.49, which is pretty typical for Milwaukee. The sandwiches were a bit expensive and probably should have been about $2 less each, in my opinion.

I would recommend this cafe to those looking for a healthy option in downtown Milwaukee during their lunch break. They also have a cafe in Mequon, which may have more options because they are catering to a different crowd there.

Walking Milwaukee

It’s been unseasonably warm here in Milwaukee this March. It seems from what I am hearing, it’s that way all over the country. I have decided to take as many walks and bike rides outside as I can, especially before it gets unbearably hot and humid in the summer.

Yesterday, I walked down to the river on my lunch break. Here are a few pretty (and educational sites).


Milwaukee County Historical society windows (interned here for a bit).


The March photo of the day was “clouds” yesterday. There really weren’t too many clouds in the sky to find, but I found these cool ones above the Milwaukee theatre.


Was wishing this was my license plate so I could spread the positive healthy vibe. 🙂


Reflection off the Journal Sentinel newspaper building.


And the educational end to my walk.


I already took my walk outside today to the library to pick up some things that were on hold for me. I’m going to start reading one of those books now and eat my lovely salad I put together at my work salad bar. It’s full of all sorts of goodies like cottage cheese, chickpeas, cous cous, etc. that I normally wouldn’t be able to throw together at home.

Has the weather been really warm in your neck of the woods? Are you taking advantage of it too? If so, what’s your favorite outdoor activity in the spring and summer?

Laughing so hard I was crying

Phew, glad Monday is nearly over with!

Ended my weekend by watching Bridesmaids and laughing so hard that I was literally tearing up.



Favorite quote from the movie: “Oh you live in Milwaukee, I’m sorry!”

While the movie was not filmed in Milwaukee, I loved the scenes they shot here in the beginning showing the Milwaukee Public Market, the lakefront and the Milwaukee Art Museum. I love my hometown!

Lunch today was this soup, which was pretty good! I actually am not much of a chicken soup person, but I bought this a while back with a coupon for one of these days when I was too lazy to make my lunch. I also had some veggies and an Oikos yogurt.


I had to go to Kohl’s after work to get my Kohl’s cash that I missed out on when the power went out in the store yesterday. I saw this towel and bought it for my mom. She uses towels like this for a craft and I told her owls are so “hot” right now. I resisted buying it for us.


When Craig got home from work, he brought in a big bag and said that he was able to take some appetizers home that were leftover from the Christmas party on Saturday. I naturally reached in the bag to see what he got and instead of appetizers, I found this!

An iPad!!! 🙂 Well be still my Apple product loving heart.


The little jokester of a husband of mine went into work yesterday and found out from his co-worker that he had won the iPad (they drew names after we had left). He lied to me and said he didn’t win, just so he could surprise me today with the news and the actual iPad in person since he didn’t get it until today.


I jumped up and down in our kitchen with excitement after I got over the fact that he tricked me!

I love it and while it’s so similar to all of the other Apple products we have, it’s really convenient and a great size to read certain things on.


Like my blog. 🙂 I love the way it looks on the iPad.



I’ll end with this, which I saw on some blog today on my ride home from work.


Time to watch the Bridesmaids outtakes if there are any! Night!

Biking, bugs, and bungalows

Yesterday afternoon, I went on a 40 minute bike ride on the city streets to the Oak Leaf trail.

me and my Trek bike

Oak Leaf Trail, Greenfield area

I got as far as Root River parkway and turned around. I probably rode around 6 miles roundtrip, maybe more.

Trek bike handels, trail

My helmet is a Nutcase one that I received from my brother and sister-in-law for my b-day last year. They got me a different print in a size too big, so I exchanged it at REI for this cute one. It protects my head better than my old bike helmet and it’s super comfy to wear. It also allows me to wear my normal sunglasses with the helmet, where my old one didn’t do that.

biking, nutcase helmet

During times like these, I wish I had a garmin to wear or a bike computer. My husband has a bike computer, so I usually just rely on him to tell me how far we’ve gone. Anyway, it was a nice ride on such a beautiful day! I am glad I took advantage of it.

My heart was racing when I got home and plopped in an outdoor chair to drink water and read magazines in the sun. I didn’t stay out long because I fear getting burned. It felt good to soak up the sun for a bit.

One of the magazines I paged through was the April 2011 edition of Rachel Ray’s Everyday and I found this recipe, which sounds delicious. I hope to make it soon and report back on how it is!

Quinoa and Bean Salad Rachel Ray

Quinoa and Bean Salad

I kind of snacked my way through dinner–a bowl of raspberries, some Food Should Taste Good cheddar chips, some pieces of french baguette, a tofutti cutie. Later on, I enjoyed a Woodchuck Cider and a blueberry chobani while watching Food Revolution.

Craig and I went on a 35 minute walk around a different neighborhood not far from our house. We kept noticing strange things around this particular area, like a lit up flamingo in the window! A couple of blocks away from our house, I managed to have a typical Lisa moment. A bug flew in my eye, stuck to my contact lense (Craig could see it and was telling me he could, which almost made it worse), and I had to take out my lense. I carried it home like it was an injured bird, cupping it in my hand. Gross. Why do those strange things always seem to happen to me!?

After our walk, it was Jamie Oliver time! Turns out his TV show will be canceled probably after the next episode airs. Yes, folks. That means no more Food Revolution, for now at least. I hope he continues onto another city and tries to make an impact there. Jamie, come to Milwaukee! We need your help and I would love to meet you! 🙂

Here are my Food Revolution takeaways for the week:
-Jamie visited a high school in Santa Barbara. They changed their food program from junk to healthy foods successfully and it was clear that many whole foods were prevalent in their school kitchen! It also helped that they receive some of their produce from the school garden. One of the girls on the show said that she appreciated learning how her food was grown through the school garden.
-Jamie visited the family that he met with last week–the one who ate all of the fast food before meeting Jamie. Turns out that the dad lost 16 lbs. already, he cooks a lot more, and the older kid in the family said he feels better in general. They also started growing a small garden, which impressed Jamie.

And onto today…we slept in a bit, I meditated and then hopped on Craig’s mac mini to get my e-mail and google reader under control!

I ate this while reading blogs. Chobani with raspberries and blueberries.

Chobani, berries, coffee

Around lunch time, we headed out to have the buffet at Royal India restaurant. I didn’t take a pic, but the meal was the standard one I usually have when I go there–paneer tikka masala, naan, veggies (cooked and fresh), mango ice cream, and today we got to enjoy tea as well. I had some kind of dessert that was new to me–carrots cooked with butter, cinnamon and something else I can’t remember. It was really good and you could not even tell it was carrots!

My food baby needed a good walk, so we headed over to the Best Food store on 13th and Holt to check it out. This is the grocery store my Indian class cooking teacher recommended for a good selection and great prices. She was right. I came with my recipes in hand, but didn’t feel like buying anything and searching for ingredients. My stomach was so full that I just felt icky.

Next door was Bombay Sweets, but we didn’t go in. They have a Vegetarian restaurant and my teacher said they had snacks (which are called chaat I believe) in Bombay Sweets.

Best Food and Bombay Sweets

Then it was time to go to Craig’s grandma’s house, which has a pending offer on it. It’s on the southside of Milwaukee in a typical Milwaukee bungalow neighborhood. Craig’s dad had rented it for the last 5 years, but now the renters are out and he has had a lot of cleaning/fixing up to do. The renters really trashed the place. So, if you are a renter, take care of your place for the sake of landlords like my father-in-law who had to take care of the place because his mom had a stroke and was put in a nursing home.

Milwaukee bungalow-Craig's grandma's house

Seeing the inside brought back memories of the bungalow I grew up in for half of my life in Wauwatosa.

interior of Milwaukee bungalow

I always loved the built-in cabinets, fireplaces, and larger closets in the house I grew up in.

On the way home, we picked up a free photo collage at Walgreens. Ok, it was supposed to be a “Father’s Day” deal, but I always take advantage of these free collages when I can, which is usually during random Hallmark holidays. I made one of our trip to Florida. If you live near a Walgreens, get their photo e-mail updates and you’ll know when these freebies are available.

Walgreens collage Florida 2011

And finally, I got myself to the gym this evening. I went during dinner time because my food baby was still very big. The gym was dead, which was great.

I planned out what I was going to do ahead of time in terms of free weights. I used this book I checked out from the library.

The Women's Health Big Book of Exercises

I looked up some tricep exercises, some of which I do already. This book lays out the moves in such a nice way and as a visual learner, I appreciate being able to picture the correct form in my head while at the gym.

dumbell kickback


I also biked while reading Health, did some squats on the BOSU, did some balance work and lifted a few weights in the circuit.

Ok, it’s getting late, so I’m going to end this super long post. How’s your weekend going?

Granola goodness

Today was better than yesterday, but there were still some weird things going on at work. The moon is still full and will be for another day, so I guess I just have to suck it up and deal with issues like I have been.

Breakfast was boring–Kashi Autumn Wheat with coffee.

Kashi Autumn Wheat and coffee

Snack was a few dried apricots and another cup of coffee at work.

Lunch was leftovers of German Potato Salad, a slice of pizza, green peppers and a pink lady apple.

pink lady, pizza, german potato salad, green peppers

We had an all-staff meeting at work and they served mostly healthy foods 🙂 (usually it’s cookies and some grapes), so I had a bunch of fruit salad and some pasta salad with veggies. The berries in the fruit salad hit the spot. I miss summer fruits. 😦

When I got home from work, I was excited to find a package on my doorstep!!

It was the Jessica’s gluten free granola I won from clean eating chelsey!

Jessica's gluten free granola

Jessica even wrote a nice, handwritten note. Love getting packages with handwritten notes! Thanks Jessica.

She mentioned that the Milwaukee Whole Foods will have her products soon, so that is exciting for all of you local readers!

note from Jessica

Jessica's All Natural Granola

Karma sniffed around right after I set up for my photo.

Karma and granola

Tanzi wanted in on the action too.

Tanzi and granola

I raced to the gym to make the 5 p.m. Zumba class. It was ok. I really preferred the music and dance steps from the class I took last week with a different teacher. I struggled to keep up with some songs I hadn’t heard before.

Dinner was fettuccine alfredo again. I got home from the gym around 6:20, so I was super hungry and again, dinner had to be quick. I keep wanting to make a more elaborate quinoa dish for dinner this week and it’s just not happening.

fettuccine alfredo

Dessert was exciting (unlike my boring breakfast)–Jessica’s Vanilla Maple granola with some skim milk. It was so tasty that I went back for seconds. I can’t wait to try the other flavors too!

Jessica's Vanilla Maple granola

Craig is watching American Idol and I guess I am too because I just so happen to be blogging from our living room, per usual. I am most excited to see the Milwaukee auditions next week. They take place at my former workplace–the Milwaukee Art Museum. I was in the background while they were filming an interview outside of the Bradley Center, so maybe I will even be on TV, but I highly doubt it!

Miller Brewery Holiday Lites show and tour

Last night, Craig and I went to the Miller Brewery Holiday Lites show and tour with my in-laws. It was cold out, so we bundled up!

My toes always get cold, even though I wear winter boots and thick socks. The rest of me was fine because I had layers on. I think I need a pair of Uggs, even though my husband does not like how they look. Yesterday, I read Emily’s blog The Daily Garnish and she wore Uggs with no socks and her feet were still toasty.



We didn’t know what to expect with the tour, but we checked it out anyway while waiting for the next light show to begin.




The tour started and we walked back up the valley to see the show take place. The 300,000 LED lights are timed to Christmas music, which was cool. Here are some photos from the show.




After the show was over, we walked to the Miller caves, which are 60 feet below ground level. They were so cool! This is where the beer was originally stored and these caves were created in 1849. Beer was stored here before refrigeration. We thought the caves were the best part of the tour!








Then it was off to the Miller Inn for some samples of beer.


I was the only one that sampled, even though I am not much of a beer drinker, it tasted good.


I had Miller Lite, Winterfest (good flavor) and Leinenkugel’s Fireside Nut Brown which tasted like coffee to me. Prost!

The inside of the inn was homey and reminded me of German restaurants.


It had a beautiful ceiling.


And gorgeous windows.


The Miller Holiday Lites show and tour was a fun holiday event. If you are in the Milwaukee area, I would encourage you to do this with family and/or friends over the holidays. The shows run until tonight, the 18th. Go to this site for more information.