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Inspirational lunch: Eat Well, Live Well

It’s my Friday today because I am off of work tomorrow! Woo hoo! I took off because I have to work about 5 hours on Sunday for an event.

I started my day with Chobani plain non-fat greek yogurt and added the Bonne Maman wild blueberry preserves.

Chobani, blueberry preserves, coffee

Snack at work was a banana with my peppermint tea fix.


Before I left my building to go to a lunch, I had a pineapple Chobani for some protein. As I tweeted earlier, this girl doesn’t normally love pineapple yogurts, but I was quite please with the Chobani version. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the luncheon I was going to, so I thought I would play it safe by having this yogurt.

pineapple chobani

I walked about a mile from my work to the Grain Exchange for a “Eat Well, Live Well” luncheon. The luncheon was provided by the Susan G. Komen Southeast Wisconsin Affiliate and the Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

I enjoyed walking through downtown Milwaukee, even though it was pretty cool out today.

I passed Ziedler Square, which is the location for the farmer’s market I frequent on my lunch breaks in the summer months.

Zeidler Square Milwaukee

Milwaukee building

Milwaukee river

(Angie, I said “hi” to you as I passed your work).


I hadn’t been in the building since my junior prom, so it was fun to be back in the beautiful room I was last in as a naive 16 year old.

Grain Exchange Milwaukee

Grain Exchange Milwaukee

Upon arriving, I was greeted with a cute pink reusable bag, which contained a cookbook! The recipes in it look really good. Can’t wait to try some of them out and post them on here.


Jenny and her friend Michelle met me there and we found a table right at the front.

Our napkins were displayed so appropriately!

breast cancer pink ribbon

Each table had a basket as a center piece with food the speaker would later talk about and ask for audience participation on. Ours contained flaxseeds and granola.


My entree was a grilled tofu with a bed of greens and grilled vegetables. So good! Makes me want to get out the George Forman more to grill vegetables and tofu!

grilled tofu with greens, grilled vegetables

Dessert was even better. Fresh berries galore with cream on top.

berries with cream

And to kick it off, they really pampered us with chocolate covered strawberries. (I didn’t eat the whole plate, I just had one).

chocolate covered strawberries

While I knew a lot of what the speaker was talking about, I also learned some things. I took notes on my iPod touch, so I will share some of them tomorrow if I can make sense of what I typed into my electronic note pad! She shared how a lot of the foods like kale, flax seeds, spinach, carrots, broccoli, etc. can benefit your breast health and why.

I left work early today to take my car in for a couple of services. I had to get an oil change, my tires rotated and a recall done on my low beams. Unfortunately, I was meant to have a shuttle take me home and it never did (I blamed it on all possible drivers too busy watching the Brewers lose). I hung out in the Honda dealership waiting room, used their wi-fi, read my book until everyone was booing that the Brewers lost at the last minute and then my relaxation got ruined when my service person called me, thinking I was at home. She came over with the obvious bad news that always comes with getting routine services done. I needed new tires, a new battery and my wiper blades were all shot. I only chose to get the oil change and the rear wiper blade replaced. I know that I can probably get better prices on the tires and definitely the battery elsewhere. That news ruined my afternoon. Just when I am about to pay off my car next month, here goes putting some money into it! Oh well!

I wasn’t too hungry when I got home and made a green monster smoothie for Craig and I with some of the foods the RD mentioned in her talk today! I put baby spinach, pineapple, skim milk, soy protein powder, & a bit of orange juice in it. The orange juice kind of ruined the flavor, so I won’t use that again in a green monster.

green monster smoothie

Tomorrow, I am running a few errands to Kohl’s to get a bridal shower gift and look around and Wal-mart to pick up our TurboTax software (yes, we have not done our taxes yet). I’ll probably hit the gym for yoga in the morning, so I skipped it tonight.

And finally, a big CONGRATS! to my sister-in-law (also named Lisa) who got offered a job today that is full time with benefits! All of our efforts in helping her with her interview skills paid off big time. I am sure it was also that she just did well on her own too, but it was her first big interview ever! We are so happy for her great news!


There IS such a thing as a free lunch

It’s almost the weekend! Happy Veteran’s day!

Breakfast today was Total cereal-Blueberry and Pomegranate flavor. It was very yummy!

Total Blueberry Pomegranate cereal

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