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Dunkin’ disappointment

Last week, I went to the Dunkin’ Donuts closest to my work to use my free birthday drink coupon, courtesy of DD rewards. Most birthday rewards coupons I receive rarely result in any problems. Unfortunately, this one did and I wanted to share my experience, especially since it wasn’t a positive one.

When you sign up for their rewards program, you get one drink free and then another coupon for a free medium drink for your birthday. The coupons look like this.



My coupon explicitly stated that I would receive one free medium drink of my choice, including a coolatta. The coolatta was the most expensive drink on the menu and something I normally wouldn’t order, so I wanted to try it.

As I presented the coupon to the cashier and asked if the Oreo Coolatta would be fine to order, she said no but proceeded to scan my coupon anyway. I explained that I wouldn’t want the drink if that particular location would not honor it. I did explain that the coupon said that a coolatta was included. She looked at the coupon and said no it was not. Then another DD worker did the same and said it was not included. I had to point out explicitly where it said it was included and then they finally believed me. I don’t like it when companies don’t pay attention to the details on their coupons or when their staff doesn’t really read them.

I guess the main problem came from not being able to cancel out my drink order with the coupon and get the register to recognize it as being a free item. The cashier said fine, they’d honor it, but it had to be a small drink, not a medium. At this point, I just wanted to redeem the coupon and get out of there, knowing I’d never return to that location again. I won’t return there not because I was embarrased or anything, but because their service hasn’t been friendly on more than three occasions.

The Feast Nearby and Dunkin Donuts

I got an Oreo Coolatta, which was super sweet and indulgent. I was drinkin’ dunkin for the last time from that particular location.

Oreo Coolata

I apologize for the rant. I did write Dunkin’ Donuts and complained on their site. I still haven’t received a reply.

Also, I don’t want it to sound like I am ungrateful for getting this free item. I am saying that the service at that location needs to change because they are turning customers away.

All I want is for others to learn from my negative experience. Get your free Starbucks drink for your birthday instead. I don’t have problems with that birthday coupon and the staff there is always friendly. Plus I like their coffee better anyway. 🙂

Any readers have a similar negative experience they want to vent about? Sometimes it just feels good to get it out! I normally am not that defiant in such a situation, but I had had enough.