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Dinner with Danielle, a great workout, and a Sunwarrior protein powder review

What did you do with your “extra” hour!? It felt good to be awake at 6:30 and see the sun shining in our windows. It won’t be so dreary going to work, but coming home will be depressing.

Last night, I went over to my friend Danielle’s house to visit with her family for a bit before we headed out to dinner at Panera nearby.

Danielle with her kids


I met her new baby girl Kiersten and played with her energetic 2 year old daughter Taylor. Oh yeah and you’ll see her cat loved getting attention from me too, so he’s camped out next to me on the couch.

me with Kiersten


Danielle was happy to get out of the house without kids and have an adult conversation over dinner. After asking about various people in her life, we both concluded that we are pretty darn lucky to live the lives we do. I never take it for granted, but I feel so blessed with the way my life has turned out, even though I did go through some tough times in my early twenties.

I was craving veggies all day, so I had a Greek salad at Panera and a baguette on the side. Mmm…it hit the spot!

Greek salad Panera

This morning, I made panettone french toast for Craig and I. We needed to fuel up on some carbs before hitting the gym.

panettone french toast and coffee

panettone french toast

I also had a couple of bites of a Pure Fit Granola Crunch bar right before we left for the Y. I don’t love this flavor and texture, but the other bars have been really good so far.

Pure Fit Granola Crunch

At the Y, Craig had an equipment orientation and basically got his settings for the weight machines programmed. I bounced around between the Cybex, rowing machine, weights and bike while we got an orientation. We also walked the track and ran a few laps to warm up. I was famished by the time we got home and I knew what I wanted to recover with.

I got this Sunwarrior chocolate protein sample free from the Sunwarrior Facebook page and it was great. I would definitely purchase this protein powder in the future.

Sunwarrior Chocolate protein packet

Sunwarrior chocolate shake

Loved the ingredients too!

Nutrition Facts Sunwarrior chocolate protein powder

Time to be productive around here. I need to research iPhone cases and get ready for the week.

Be Thankful Challenge: Yesterday, I was thankful for a nice dinner with a good friend.


Panettone French Toast

I received these Panettone breads from the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program and thought I would finally open one of them up and make some french toast this morning.

According to Wikipedia, panettone is a sweet bread loaf originally from Milan. It is usually enjoyed at Christmas or New Year’s. I actually have had it before when I lived in Europe. Since I lived alone, I purchased a very small panettone just to try it. I remember it reminding me of my mom’s stollen bread that she makes every Christmas.

Panettone boxes

Panettone French Toast recipe

panettone raisin bread

I decided to save the best for last and try the chocolate last, so I opened up the raisin bread.

Panettone raisin bread

how to cut panettone

Using cream cheese, vanilla extract and powdered sugar, I also made the topping the recipe suggested. It was quite delicious! It tasted like frosting.

Panettone French Toast

french toast using panettone

Panettone French Toast

Panettone French Toast

Looking forward to trying the chocolate one now!

chocolate panettone