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Noticing a gap in my diet today

Glad Monday is over! It was hard to wake up this morning. I think I hit the snooze button three or four times.

I was in the mood for cereal for breakfast, so I tried Raisin Bran crunch. For some reason, I’ve been having cravings for Raisin Bran and I got a good deal on some with double coupon days on Saturday. I didn’t think the “crunch” was a whole lot different than the regular though.

Raisin Bran Crunch cereal, coffee

At work, I had an almond iced coffee and a cinnamon mini bagel just plain and warmed up in the microwave.

Lunch today was thrown together quickly, which is why it lacks veggies. I had a pb & j sandwich, a peach chobani and Stacy’s pita chips. I also had a lovely German chocolate Ritter sport mini bar.

lunch-pb & j, peach chobani, pita chips

After meditating and “being vocal” about my day (my way of saying complaining), I hit the gym and that made me feel better right away. I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and completed some pretty tough intervals while watching House Hunters International. I then lifted weights and did some abs. A pretty normal workout, but I felt energized at the end.

Dinner was some of the spinach I got at the farmer’s market (which seemed unusually dirty compared to spinach I have bought from farmers before. I know veggies and fruit are sometimes going to be dirty, but this was very dirty), red peppers, and I topped it with a Morningstar black bean veggie burger. This was a great & quick meal. You’ll be seeing more of this on the blog!


Enjoyed the meal outside while the hubby watered our plants with fertilizer.

It was pretty nice out this evening, so we went for a walk around the neighborhood. And finally, we read outside together. Craig is reading the sample of the “127 Hours” book, Between a Rock and a Hard Place, and is enjoying it so far. I didn’t comment on the movie on any of my weekend posts. It was pretty good. We could not watch the really gross parts! I definitely want to prepare for the worst whenever we go anywhere in nature now or on a long road trip.

So, after writing this post and reviewing the preview, I noticed something. I didn’t eat any fruit today and I am not happy about that. I mean, I have lots of it in my fridge, but I just didn’t incorporate fruit into my meals. I guess you could sort of count the raisins in my cereal and the peaches in my chobani yogurt. This is why I like to blog my meals because I see what I am lacking and also what may be affecting my tummy troubles. I better go eat a bowl of raspberries!

That’s all folks. It’s already 9 p.m. and almost time for me to hit the hay.


Feeling “off” with food this week

I’m behind on my blog again, but here are my eats from yesterday.

I’ve had sort of an “off” week with food. I don’t know if it’s our extreme weather changes from hot to cool, but I wasn’t feeling eating certain foods this week.

For example, on Friday, I didn’t feel like anything in particular for breakfast, so I went with what sounded good: the Caramel Apple Breakfast cookie I won from Living Lindsay. It was really tasty and filled me up!

Erin Baker's Breakfst Cookie, coffee

The one thing I was feeling all week was the need for iced coffee. I had it at work maybe every day. On Friday, I even caught someone stealing from the coffee stand while waiting for my coffee, so that was an interesting moment. One of those in which you wonder “is that guy really stealing that bag of popcorn or am I imagining things.” I gave him the benefit of the doubt at first and then I saw him trying to hide it. Luckily, he got caught because I told the guy at the coffee shop what I just witnessed, but not much could probably be done.

Lunch was a piece of Trader Joe’s pizza, a peach chobani, a date and red peppers and broccoli.


I’ve been really good about getting veggies in my lunches this week. Love eating the broccoli and red peppers together simultaneously.

I really felt like a Cousin’s sub for dinner, so of course Craig couldn’t say no to that idea.

I got a club, my fav sub on Parmesan asiago bread.

Cousin's Sub club

Last night, I watched Food Revolution per usual and took notes again. My favorite quote from Jamie about fast food was “It’s a treat, not a structure.” He helped a dad and his two sons break their fast food habit (hopefully). They were definitely treating fast food as a structure.

The other cool way to teach about food to high school kids was when Jamie had them pick a snack. They could choose from an orange, soda, pizza and a chocolate bar. Once they ate their choice, Jamie took them outside and had them walk the track to reflect what they ate and burn off those calories. The orange eaters only had to walk 3 laps of the track where the chocolate bar eaters had to do something like 11 laps. Great way to teach about healthy food choices, huh?

Ok, off to write a different post about today and then another about a fun health and fitness fair I went to on my lunch break on Thursday.