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Trade ups

What a relaxing day off it’s been so far! Today’s title is “trade ups” and you’ll see why.

I woke up at the same time as Craig and had a big bowl of Chobani, berries, and granola for breakfast.

breakfast--berries, yogurt, granola, coffee

While looking at the huge strawberries from Sam’s Club this morning, Craig and I wondered the same thing at about the same time (which is pretty common for us). Why are our strawberries so small compared to the ones you get in the store? We thought it was some kind of growth promoting chemical (not sure how else to describe it) that the farmers use. Anyone know?

strawberry from garden

After breakfast, I just lounged while watching the Today show and reading blogs. I also entered some giveaways, one of which I won today from Will Jog for Food! This is what I scored. Sweet! Of the items I won, I have only had larabars before, so I can’t wait to report back on how the other products are.


I didn’t feel like going to the gym this morning, so I ran errands instead.

I traded this:

starbucks coffee bag

For this at Starbucks. I wanted an iced coffee, but you can only trade the empty bag in for a hot coffee.

starbucks tall coffee

me with starbucks

I went to Target to try on some dresses (fail, none looked great) and to buy misc. things like toothpaste, lotion with SPF in it, conditioner, and some nickel free earrings.

After my Target run, I finally went to Little India grocery store. I pass it on my way to the gym and have always wanted to check it out. It offered a nice selection of Indian foods! Lots of huge bags of basamati rice for only $10 or $15.

Little India grocery store, Greenfield

I picked up Ghee and a boxed Paneer Tikka Masala. Now I just need to get some more ingredients to make one of the recipes from my Indian cooking class.

Paneer Tikka Masala, ghee

I traded these ugly toes and feet:

ugly toes

For these beautifully polished, well-scrubbed, lotioned, and massaged feet/legs. Aaah, I love to treat myself to pedicures but I very rarely get them.

freshy polished toes

Once home, I enjoyed lunch outside while reading an old Women’s Health from the library. Notice my main man on the cover! 🙂

Lunch was pretty much the same as yesterday–a turkey sandwich with cheese and mixed greens on a french baguette. We have a huge bag of grape tomatoes to use up, so I had a bowl of those on the side. My drink was a Bolthouse Farms strawberry banana smoothie.

lunch and women's health magazine

I’ve rested my stomach long enough and I think it’s time to take a bike ride. It’s such a lovely day outside that I hate to waste it indoors!

Hope you wonderful readers are having a great Friday!


Morning at the spa

I got up early today, checked us in for our flight because we are flying Southwest and wanted to get in line “A” and then ate this for breakfast. Vanilla flavored coffee with Special K protein cereal.

coffee & Special K protein cereal

This morning, I went to the spa for a mini manicure and pedicure. My nails and feet needed the pampering! The best part was that it only cost me $13 for both because I had a gift card that I won.


After feeling relaxed and pampered, I went to the mall to look around for a bit.

I enjoyed a Skinny Vanilla Latte from Starbucks.

Starbucks Skinny Vanilla Latte

Thought about picking up this cute Packers Super Bowl t-shirt, but it was too expensive.

Packers girl t-shirt

I was on the hunt for some new shirts, but didn’t have any luck. I am hoping to find some at the outlets in Orlando.

I stopped at Target one more time for some travel sized items and a 7 day pill container. Am I an old lady or what? I take a lot of medicine, so I needed that to keep me organized.

I also got some pretzel and peanut butter m&ms.

Had to try the pretzel out right away in the car. It was my first time having them and they were pretty good!

m&m pretzel

Once home, I had a salad with grape tomatoes, feta cheese and sunflower seeds.


To use up fresh blueberries, some almond milk and a banana, I made a smoothie. This smoothie was different though because it contained Amazing Grass Berry flavored powder. Swanson Health sent this product to me to try, along with some other healthy products which I will review later. If you are interested in reviewing some of their products on your own blog, contact them. They encouraged my readers to do so and you won’t be disappointed. I worked with Ben, who blogs on their site and he was so nice to communicate with.

Check out their site for prices and more info on the Amazing Grass Green SuperFood Berry flavored drink powder:

Swanson Health offers this product for $19.99 and it retails for $27.99! There are some great deals on their site!

Green SuperFood Amazing grass




Hey look, my nails matched my smoothie! I swear I didn’t plan this perfect match.

Essie nail polish and smoothie

I really liked the Amazing Grass powder, especially because I feel like I am getting sick and need all of the nutrients I can get! The flavor of my smoothie was a little more “green” tasting, but it sort of reminded me of a green monster so I am used to drinking my veggies.

When packing for a trip, I often think how unfair it is to be a woman! Check out my husband’s toiletries vs. mine for the trip. His is the solo bag on the left and mine are the three on the right, which includes my makeup!

toiletries for trip

Time to get off of here, check the laundry and then get to the gym!

Be back tomorrow from Orlando!