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Three day weekend

I’ve got a three day weekend ahead of me! Hip hip hooray!

Last night, I indulged in an Indian taco for dinner. I was working off-site and the place we were at provided us with Indian tacos for our meal. I was surprised that my co-worker hadn’t had one before, but she’s a southern girl. Have you had an Indian taco (Native American)…fry bread and the regular taco fixings?


This was my view. I spent the afternoon and early evening in the most gorgeous school I’ll probably ever set foot in. I was jealous I didn’t get to go to school there!


I came home to my #photoadayapril, otherwise known as “someone who makes me happy.” I missed his smiling face!


On my lunch break, I saw Paige’s post for homemade pizza crust and I knew I had to make it for dinner tonight. It was really good and exactly what I wanted.


Today’s photo a day is “tiny.” Earlier in the day, I couldn’t think of what to take a picture of. At home, it dawned on me that an earring would be perfect! My brother and sister-in-law gave me these diamond earrings for Christmas when I lived in California. I even remember that they were from Macy’s (I have a very good memory for things like this).


I have that meeting with a personal trainer/recruiter tomorrow morning, so I better go meditate, iron my shirt and prepare my questions (I did some prep on my lunch break today, so I feel pretty set).

Celiac test

This morning, I tried the new brand of instant oatmeal I purchased at the store on Monday: Better Oats. This was the best instant oatmeal I have had in ages. The cinnamon plum spiced flavor was different and so delicious. The ingredients and nutrition facts are great as well.



Lunch was another smashed white bean sandwich, some carrots and a chocolate chip cookie for dessert. The highlight of my lunch break was trying this little So Delicious coconut chocolate milk. Craig had it for lunch too and enjoyed it.


Besides being dairy and soy free, it’s also gluten free. When I saw that on the back of the carton, I couldn’t help but think of the lab test I was having drawn after work today. I had to get the Celiac panel done. Let’s just hope I don’t have to go gluten free. I’ll let you know when I get the results, of course.


After eating lunch, I ventured outside into the windy, yet warm January temps for a nice walk. I returned this video to the library before I started walking around downtown Milwaukee.

We watched this Jamie Oliver’s Food Escapes show last night and it was fun! I liked seeing the scenery and food that is typically found in Stockholm, Sweden. I don’t like fish, so I am not sure how I would do traveling there. I am willing to try everything once though. πŸ™‚


I made myself a homemade pizza for dinner tonight. I was trying to use up some things in the freezer-a whole wheat Boboli crust and some pineapple. So, 1/4 was pineapple and ham, I made some with just cheese and ham for Craig and then veggies on the rest! My favorite flavor of pizza is Hawaiian and I rarely get to have it, so this was the closest I got to it in a while (no Canadian bacon but the ham gave it a nice flavor that was close).



The evening flew by tonight! After I rested on the couch, we got to the gym where I got an intense 5.21 mile bike ride in and some weights lifted.

Good night!

Vega Breakfast Challenge, Yoga, and a Relaxing Friday Afternoon

This morning, I got up early, meditated, had a vega packet for breakfast, and then headed out the door for an hour long yoga session at the gym.

I was sent four packets of the Whole Food Health Optimizer to try out from vega as part of their breakfast challenge. This morning, I had Vanilla Chai and I’ll be reviewing the other three flavors over the next week.

vega packet

I really liked how easy it was to mix with 8 oz. of water and then drink for breakfast.



In exchange for receiving four packets from vega, I was asked to compare something I would normally eat for breakfast (which I had as a snack today). I compared Kashi cereal to the Whole Food Health Optimizer.

Here are the stats:

Vega compared to Kashi cereal

Since I eat a mostly vegetarian diet, the fact that I was able to get so much protein from this packet was fabulous and so was the amount of iron I received from it! I also don’t eat any fish, so that means the large amount of Omega-3s are a nice addition to my diet too.

According to the information I received from Vega:

What makes Whole Food Health Optimizer so special compared to other breakfasts? It’s 100% plant-based, it’s gluten-free, soy-free and dairy free…and it’s super low in calories. Only one single serving guarantees:

Β· 100% of your daily vitamins and minerals
Β· 60% daily intake of fiber
Β· Healthy weight loss
Β· Maintaining optimal health

I felt like I did have more energy than normal this morning and also throughout the day.


Supplement Facts Vega

I caught these two hanging out this morning and got a pretty decent shot of them.

flies outside

The one hour yoga session was exactly what I needed after the tough class I took yesterday. It felt good to stretch my hips and glutes, which did hurt a bit this morning. I was so happy to see that my favorite yoga teacher was teaching. He said he normally doesn’t do morning yoga and he recently read somewhere that people are more apt to hurt their backs during a morning workout vs. afternoon one, so he would make sure we warmed up slowly. We definitely had a great warm up and that helped to make the rest of my practice go smoothly.

I was hungry when I got home from the gym, so I had a new cereal flavor from Kashi-Cinnamon Harvest. I really liked the taste of it. I would buy this again over Autumn Harvest.

Kashi Cinnamon Harvest cereal

Kashi cereal Cinnamon Harvest

Nutrition Facts for the cereal.

Nutrition Facts Kashi Cinnamon Harvest

For lunch, I just had a small lunch of a piece of leftover pizza from dinner last night and a new to me flavor of Pop Chips: Chili Lime Potato. It had a similar taste to other Pop Chips and not as much flavor or spiciness as I expected.

leftover pizza, pop chips chili lime potato

Dessert was a small handful of Raisinets.


After a short nap with Karma, I got up and read some fall magazines.


Doesn’t Karma look like his paw is flipping me off here?

kitties in bed

I have a huge pile of magazines to get through and needed to start tackling it today! I’ll keep reading them over the weekend too.

fall 2011 magazines

And after a streak of afternoon relaxation, tearing up while reading Farm City (the author was in a situation that was similar to a horrible one I almost found myself in while living in CA and the memories came rushing back to me), I decided to get out of the house. I browsed TJ Maxx, got my free birthday treat at Panera with their Panera Rewards card–a strawberries n’ creme scone, and went to Sendik’s grocery store. I couldn’t resist buying some pumpkin beer while at Sendik’s. You know what I am having with dinner tonight! πŸ™‚

We don’t have any weekend plans, which is actually kind of nice. I can keep enjoying my relaxing mini vacation! Do you have any big plans for the three day weekend?

Pizzeria Piccola and Yo Mama! in Wauwatosa

Last night, Craig and I met Karis and her husband Chris for dinner at Pizzeria Piccola in the Wauwatosa Village. Karis’ birthday is coming up this Sunday and mine was on Wednesday, so we celebrated being Virgos by eating out with our husbands!

Karis and Chris at Pizzeria Piccola

It was really hot and humid out, but we dined al fresco. I really liked the patio space next to the indoor section of the restaurant. It had beautiful lighting and was a comfortable space to eat in (despite the heat).

Chris outside of Pizzeria Piccola

Pizzeria Piccola nighttime

Food blogger in action! (Photo courtesy of Karis)

Craig and I at Pizzeria Piccola

Karis and I both had the veggies on our pizza and I really enjoyed the flavor of it. It reminded me of the pizzas I had in Italy.

Vegetarian pizza Pizzeria Piccola

Craig had the sausage and enjoyed that flavor too.

Craig with sausage pizza

Craig's sausage pizza

I was glad Craig and Chris had some things in common, like Karis and I do. We talked about our travels, silly cat children, and our jobs.

Us at Pizzeria Piccola

After talking for a while, we headed to Yo Mama! up the street. This was my fourth visit and Karis’ and Chris’ first to Yo Mama! and I am not tired of going there at all. πŸ™‚ This time, I didn’t have cake batter and I missed it. Craig and I shared a Peach Mango Tart and Very Raspberry cup with some colorful mochi on top.

me getting fro yo at Yo Mama! Tosa

Yo Mama! Raspberry and Peach Mango Tart, Mochi

Yo Mama! Tosa

Chris and Karis Yo Mama! Tosa

It was a fun night spent with friends and a great way to celebrate our birthdays!

Godiva French Vanilla Iced Coffee Smoothie

I tried a new way of consuming my coffee this morning. I usually have a hot cup of coffee at home and maybe an iced coffee at work. Instead, I used the Godiva French Vanilla coffee I received from the Foodbuzz Tastemaker program and made a vanilla coffee smoothie. I added skim milk, the Godiva brewed coffee, a few ice cubes, some soy protein powder, and a bit of vanilla stevia to sweeten it up. It tasted pretty good and was a fun new way to drink my morning coffee!

Godiva French Vanilla Iced Coffee smoothie

Godiva french vanilla coffee; smoothie

I had the last of the Yogi Cherry Almond cereal on the side.

smoothie, cereal

Thanks Foodbuzz and Godiva for allowing me to try the coffee! I still have some chocolate flavored beans to try and write about.

Snack at work was these Pop Chips.

salt and pepper potato pop chips

And a cup of hot coffee with some sugar in the raw.

coffee and sugar in the raw

I sported a bright yellow cardigan and it made me feel cheery today.

me with cheery yellow sweater

This is one of many pieces of clothing that were handed down to me from my sister’s friend. Even though she is very petite compared to me, the clothes seem to fit perfectly. Usually I am not one to love used clothing, but because I know this woman took good care of her clothes or in most cases, didn’t even wear some of them because they still have the tags on, I don’t mind as much. I am not a Goodwill/thrift store or rummage sale shopper at all. As Craig says, I didn’t get the rummage sale gene handed down from my parents. πŸ™‚

Lunch was two quinoa stuffed zucchini boats, a blueberry Chobani, some cherry tomatoes, and a string cheese.

lunch on 8-16-11

My co-worker borrowed me two copies of Nutrition Action magazine and I enjoyed reading through those during lunch. They are jam packed with great information.

Nutrition Action magazines

Dinner was pizza. You know what that looks like. πŸ™‚

At the gym, I biked for 10 minutes before going to an hour long yoga class. After class, our teacher told us that starting in the fall, there would be a Belly Dancing class after our yoga session. Someone mentioned that the first two sessions may be free, but otherwise there will be an extra fee for it. Ooh, I am tempted to try it out just for fun!

My goal is to read more before bed, so it’s time to read a few blogs and then a book!

Food conversations at Target

Boy, what a busy Monday it was for me at work. I was running around non-stop. Just when the fax machine would go off (I get most of the faxes), the phone would ring, or a new e-mail would come in.

Luckily, meditating really has seemed to help me control my stress levels at work and also helps me think more clearly. I am sure it has helped in many other ways too!

I started off my Monday with Stonyfield French Vanilla yogurt, berries, and chia seeds. This filled me up!

yogurt, berries, chia seeds, coffee

I snacked on an iced coffee and a string cheese at work mid-morning.

I had a big salad with spinach, feta, and red peppers, topped with Italian dressing for lunch. I also had some baby carrots and a vanilla activia.

salad, carrots, string cheese, vanilla activia

After eating and reading some blogs, I started The Hunger Games. Craig has been reading it on his kindle, but he’s a slower reader than me and I couldn’t wait to read it!

The Hunger Games Suzanne Collins

So, I picked it up from the library just in time for our upcoming trip up north, where we will be doing lots of reading. I wanted to get a head start on it so I can get into a bit before we are at the cottage. Hope it’s a good read! I like it so far.

A Target trip was in order after work. I got out my “All Out Of” list and coupons and was ready to conquer my list! I was on a mission to get some essentials, a few food items, and to use up some coupons! Love my coupons! I actually never bought a coupon organizer from etsy in the end. I just use this cute and cheery Clinique cosmetic bag and filled it with labeled envelopes full of coupons. It works perfectly!

All Out Of and coupons

While at Target, I heard one interesting food related conversation and participated in one. I overheard a young mom say to her two boys that she wasn’t buying them scooby fruit snacks because those particular fruit snacks had artificial ingredients in them. She told them, “you wouldn’t understand, but I buy things that are natural and I read the labels to make sure certain packaged foods are good choices.” They kind of whined and then she said, “you’ll understand someday.” I smiled at her as she said this and thought to myself, what a good mom!

The food conversation I participated in was at the checkout. My cashier saw that I was buying cheap balsamic vinegar. Even though it is from Italy, I am sure it’s nothing special. I just needed some to make salad dressing with and to drizzle on my quinoa. She recommended Oro di Oliva in Wauwatosa. She was so excited to share the details of how you can taste conventional olive oil and vinegar vs. Oro di Oliva’s and really taste the difference! I’ll have to check it out soon.

When I got home from Target, I found this lovely package on our back door step! I kind of squealed with joy upon seeing it! I am sampling five different flavors of Food Should Taste Good chips. The company was also generous enough to give five bags to a lucky reader. I’ll post that giveaway a week from today on the 18th, so check back then if you love these chips as much as I do!

Food Should Taste Good box

We’ll definitely be sampling those up north too! Craig is a major chip eater, while I tend to only care for these more healthy ones and pita chips. πŸ™‚ I told him he can’t scarf down all of these bags, I must sample them for the blog!

Dinner tonight was boring frozen pizza. I had a larabar at work before leaving, so I wasn’t too hungry. I needed to eat something quickly before heading to the gym.


At the gym, I biked for a half hour while reading an old issue of Health magazine. They showed a drawing of the Bulgarian Split Squat and I decided to try it out when I was done biking.

If you haven’t seen this move before, here is what it looks like:


I enjoyed doing this exercise and will definitely incorporate it into my gym routine more often.

It’s almost bedtime, so time for me to sign off. Hope you had a good Monday.

A busy Monday

Rewind to yesterday afternoon/last night. I accomplished what I consider the two worst chores (besides mopping the kitchen and bathroom)–I scrubbed the shower and I vacuumed my car out. I love my cats but I hate the amount of cat hair that sticks to my car seats and clothes. It felt good to get both chores done though.

After the chores, I treated myself to some relaxing time in the kitchen. I was reading blogs on Google Reader and Julie’s almond butter granola caught my eye. I had some Trader Joe’s almond butter to use up in the fridge, so I figured I should whip up a batch of granola.

almond butter granola

It turned out ok. I think where I went wrong is using up the bottom of the almond butter jar. It didn’t blend together as well as I had hoped, even after melting the honey and almond butter together. I kind of like the clumps that I got as a result though.

I had granola with milk for breakfast this morning.

granola, milk, coffee

Once I got to work this morning, I sort of regretted taking off for two days last week. My e-mail box was full & I felt overwhelmed and stressed all day. Then, I had a new intern beginning today and had to prepare for her 8:30 start time. I got things sorted out for her first day and she did very well. I love when interns impress me right away because I can usually tell that they’ll work out within the first day. I have one more intern starting on Wednesday and I think she’ll be great too. Coming up with tasks for someone else is always so stressful for me. Glad I am not a manager! Enough about work. Let’s move on to more fun things like lunch, even though mine was pretty normal.

I had TJ’s pizza, salad, and strawberries for lunch.

TJ's pizza, salad, strawberries

The good thing about being busy today meant that I didn’t have time to snack mindlessly. The bad thing? I didn’t drink much water.

I drank this whole tea when I got home from work because I felt super dehydrated. Loved this flavor! I am bringing a huge container of it to work tomorrow for an intern luncheon. Glad I didn’t offer to cook anything because I am too tired tonight.

Arizona green tea with honey, Pom honey

Dinner was the pomegranate Chobani pictured above, a veggie masala burger without a bun, and a Soy chocolate mini ice cream sandwich from Trader Joe’s.

After lounging a bit and meditating, I got my tired butt to the gym. I lifted some weights, rowed for 11 minutes and walked on the treadmill. My bad ankle was really bugging me during the end of my rowing session, so I took it easy the rest of the time. Going to the gym lifted my Monday blues, as always. Love that I can count on the gym, my wonderful husband and seeing my cute cuties to always do that.

It’s late, so I am going to sign off!

Feeling “off” with food this week

I’m behind on my blog again, but here are my eats from yesterday.

I’ve had sort of an “off” week with food. I don’t know if it’s our extreme weather changes from hot to cool, but I wasn’t feeling eating certain foods this week.

For example, on Friday, I didn’t feel like anything in particular for breakfast, so I went with what sounded good: the Caramel Apple Breakfast cookie I won from Living Lindsay. It was really tasty and filled me up!

Erin Baker's Breakfst Cookie, coffee

The one thing I was feeling all week was the need for iced coffee. I had it at work maybe every day. On Friday, I even caught someone stealing from the coffee stand while waiting for my coffee, so that was an interesting moment. One of those in which you wonder “is that guy really stealing that bag of popcorn or am I imagining things.” I gave him the benefit of the doubt at first and then I saw him trying to hide it. Luckily, he got caught because I told the guy at the coffee shop what I just witnessed, but not much could probably be done.

Lunch was a piece of Trader Joe’s pizza, a peach chobani, a date and red peppers and broccoli.


I’ve been really good about getting veggies in my lunches this week. Love eating the broccoli and red peppers together simultaneously.

I really felt like a Cousin’s sub for dinner, so of course Craig couldn’t say no to that idea.

I got a club, my fav sub on Parmesan asiago bread.

Cousin's Sub club

Last night, I watched Food Revolution per usual and took notes again. My favorite quote from Jamie about fast food was “It’s a treat, not a structure.” He helped a dad and his two sons break their fast food habit (hopefully). They were definitely treating fast food as a structure.

The other cool way to teach about food to high school kids was when Jamie had them pick a snack. They could choose from an orange, soda, pizza and a chocolate bar. Once they ate their choice, Jamie took them outside and had them walk the track to reflect what they ate and burn off those calories. The orange eaters only had to walk 3 laps of the track where the chocolate bar eaters had to do something like 11 laps. Great way to teach about healthy food choices, huh?

Ok, off to write a different post about today and then another about a fun health and fitness fair I went to on my lunch break on Thursday.

Happy and lucky

It was tough getting out of bed this morning! We woke up to Karma pounding away at the baby gates and meowing–before my alarm went off at 5:30. At least the little guy still has energy because we had another health scare with him over the weekend. He was struggling to breathe and was coughing a lot on Sunday. I hope he hangs in there and overcomes what the vets thought about his condition.

Karma the cat

Anyway, breakfast was a leftover homemade pancake and Chobani with preserves and fresh blueberries.


It was so hot out today and I decided to wear a dress to work. Everyone was surprised how dressed up I was. I guess I am usually a scrub!? No, I am not, but I usually just wear pants and a top. I dress kind of plain like most people at my workplace do. I probably got about 10 comments ranging from “Lisa is wearing a dress and heels!” to “do you have a fancy meeting today?” to “is Craig taking you out on a hot date tonight?” to “Craig better watch it when you are wearing a dress like that.” I was also told my dress flattered my figure and that my legs were tan (thank god for Sephora self-tanning spray that I put on before the wedding this weekend). I am pretty pale, so the tan comment probably was the nicest one I got all day!

Lunch was leftover pizza, carrots and a granny smith apple. Oh and I snagged a swedish fish gummy for dessert.

lunch 5-31-11

I read The Help outside on my break for a bit and it was getting so good that I didn’t want to put it down! I have to say that it is weird to read out of a real book after reading a couple on the kindle. I miss the kindle, but can appreciate normal books too.

I had a major chocolate craving strike at work around 2 p.m. and bought a chocolate chip cookie. I really wanted to bake some yesterday, but the hot temps prevented me from doing so because it was already near 90 in our house before we put our air on.

After work, I came home and snacked on peanut butter from the jar, some chocolate (notice a theme here?) and then I ate a pumpernickel roll with swiss rye cheese.

I went to the gym and cranked out 15 minutes on the bike, 25 minutes walking and running on the treadmill and some leg weights. My ankle was really bothering me while walking on the treadmill and surprisingly, running didn’t bother it at all. You probably are wondering what will happen with the 10k I signed up for. I will most likely just walk/run it. We have to do better than a 15 minute mile pace, so that should be feasible. My friend/co-worker who is also signed up for it agreed to probably walk/run with me, so that will be good!

And because I love being outside and being with my husband, we went for a 20 minute walk when I got back from the gym! A little teenage boy told me he loved me on the walk and Craig yelled back “I love her too!” Aaah, too much love in the air tonight! I was really chatty on our walk and it’s because I was just happy today when I got back from work. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t too happy to be back at work all day, but I appreciate my life outside of work even more then.

It ended up being my lucky day! I won a fantastic giveaway for this book from Kitchen Conundrum. I love to bake and prefer it over cooking, so this win is perfect for me!


I am sure I will be baking some recipes from the book soon and can share the recipes and thoughts on them with you then! Do you prefer baking over cooking too or do you like both equally? Maybe I like baking because I love sweets.

On that note, I am going to sign off of here and read some blogs, plus my book.

Monday Monday

Oh Mondays, how I loathe you. Glad you’re almost over though.

I started off my day with chobani plain greek yogurt, chia seeds, wild blueberry preserves and Kashi summer berry granola. This seems to be my go to breakfast lately.

greek yogurt, chia seeds, granola, preserves, coffee

My sister-in-law Lisa has become my “Chobani dealer.” She works close to Woodman’s now and asks me if I need anything and each time she asks I say “two tubs of plain chobani please.” My mother-in-law tried some Chobani just plain yesterday and said it tastes like sour cream. I threw in some of my beloved Bonne Maman wild blueberry preserves and she loved that combo! May have hooked another person on Chobani!

Lunch was leftovers–pizza and quinoa. I didn’t eat all of that quinoa though. I saved the rest for more leftovers. I also had about 6 carrot sticks and gobs of dark chocolate covered almonds from TJ’s to comfort my Monday blues.

pizza, quinoa

During my 15 minute and lunch breaks, I managed to read my Kindle and I have to say that I love the option to read so many different things. Sometimes I am just not in the mood to read a certain book, so I could preview a new one or read the Amazon Daily post. I downloaded lots of samples yesterday including The New Weightlifting Rules for Women and started reading the sample before bed last night. It sounds like a book I should buy a paper copy of. Love what I have read so far. Anyone out there read that book yet or started it?

I had an afternoon slump, so I ate half of a cherry pie larabar to see if that helped. Nope. Oh well, I tried.

Dinner was a Trader Joe’s chana masala veggie burger with jack cheese and I put it all on a TJ’s sandwich thin, which was awesome! Definitely getting those more than Arnold’s and if you remember from my post last week, their nutritional stats were better too. Had some strawberries on the side and munched on more fruit before dinner in the form of dried mango.

strawberries, TJ's thins, chana masala veggie burger

After dinner settled, I made my way to the gym. I walked on the treadmill for 34 minutes and logged 2.14 miles. I watched a new episode of Property Virgins on HGTV and ran very slowly (13:00 minute pace) during commercials. My ankle wasn’t irritated, but my body just felt off. I need to get back into running slowly so I can keep training for the 10k. Then I lifted some weights and left.

And now I am just chilling with an adorable cat by the name of Tanzi next to me and ready to go read my kindle some more. Almost halfway through The Secret Holocaust Diaries!