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Breakfast with WI bloggers

I love Sundays, even ones that are dreary and drizzly like the one we are having today in Southeastern Wisconsin.

Before heading to breakfast with Karis and Jessica, I made pumpkin syrup. I was craving a pumpkin latte when I woke up. After seeing Jessica’s post with the link to Julie’s pumpkin syrup recipe, I knew adding the syrup to my drip coffee would satisfy my craving.

pumpkin syrup and coffee with it

coffee with pumpkin syrup

I had to add quite a bit of the syrup to my coffee to really get the taste to be pumpkin like. Once I had the perfect amount, it tasted great! A nice frothy pumpkin latte would have been better, but this was the next best thing.

I met fellow Wisconsin bloggers Karis and Jessica at Cafe Hollander in the Tosa Village for breakfast.

I had Banana French Toast and it was really yummy.

Cafe Hollander

Caught Jessica in action instagramming!

Jessica at Cafe Hollander

It was so much fun to meet Jessica in person for the first time and to chat with her and Karis about blogs, our lives, etc.

blogger breakfast-Jessica, me, Karis

Now I am off to Kohl’s to see if I can find anything with the 30% off coupon I received. Not really in the shopping mood, but maybe I will be once I get there.