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Wild and healthy

How is your week going? Mine has been ok. It’s super busy at work, so time is flying by.

I started a new book this week and I am enjoying it so far. It’s well written and an interesting.


Here’s a video about the story:

I wish I could do what she did and hike the Pacific Crest Trail. Alas, this girl gets scared of garter snakes and seeing a rattlesnake like she did would scare the crap out of me.

I’ve been trying to eat as healthy as possible this week. My stomach has not been happy since last week and eating clean is the only way to get it back to normal.

We had salads for dinner tonight. I eat a mostly vegetarian diet, but sometimes grilled chicken on a salad just tastes yummy.

Last night, I ate a whole avocado in the form of guacamole. I couldn’t stop eating it. I need to make homemade guac more often. It’s great to have homemade salsa once again too, complete with cilantro from our garden.

Look for a giveaway tomorrow morning! Here’s a hint:

What are you reading this summer?

7.68 more miles on the Oak Leaf Trail

Happy Sunday–what’s left of it at least!

I made french toast for us this morning. Mine was topped with nutella, raspberries, and powdered sugar. Yummy!

french toast, nutella, raspberries, coffee

Since the weather has been gorgeous here this weekend, Craig and I finally went on our first bike ride together of the summer.

I tried the Gatorade G Series Fit series today. I will get it free via rebate from Walgreens, so I figured it was worth trying and reviewing for the blog.

G Series Fit

First, I started with one prime bar since I knew we were not going too far on our ride. It was tasty.

G fit prime

G Fit prime

We loaded the bikes onto Craig’s car and went to Silver Spring Drive to leave off where we ended our ride last summer on the Oak Leaf trail. Craig wants to ride the entire trail slowly over the years, which is fine with me because it also forces us to bike in areas we might not necessarily choose to, like today’s ride. It was nice, don’t get me wrong, it just wasn’t the most scenic (except if you count the bridge with the train above it).

Oak Leaf trail trains and bridge

The only snag we hit today was some water on the trail and we had to go around it by getting on some city sidewalks. Right before I took this photo, there was a mama duck with her babies in the water and they were so cute! I am sad I didn’t get them on camera.

Oak Leaf trail water

We took a break at mile 4 and I tried some of the Melon Pear gatorade drink. Both Craig and I really liked this flavor.

However, this is kind of gross-my honest opinion: drinking gatorade in general brings to mind the awful colonoscopies I have had to have for the last three years. Psychologically, I hate the prep part of the colonoscopy and drinking gatorade or powerade is crucial to keep electrolytes in my body, I know this. You just get to a point where your stomach is so full and you can’t drink any more of the stuff. Drinking it today still conjured up those bad memories.

G Series Fit gatorade melon pear drink, bike


I also munched on a few almonds.

almonds, bike

Craig (unintentionally) looking pretty serious as he ate a cherry pie larabar for some fuel.

Craig and larabar

We biked 7.68 miles in the end. Not bad!

Sigma bike computer 7.68 miles

Once home, I tried the Mixed Berry recover drink and it was my least favorite of the Gatorade G series fit products. The flavor was just off. I couldn’t even drink any more because it was so gross.

After having pizza for lunch, I was tired so I laid on the couch for an hour and crashed. Then I just read a book and magazine outside, made salsa, and did some housework.

Making salsa seems to be our new Sunday night tradition! This batch turned out better thanks to lime juice and fresh garlic. I added some lime to my woodchuck cider and it hit the spot. A nice summery treat!

salsa, chips, Woodchuck hard cider

salsa, chips

Time to prep for the week ahead! I am hoping to get more sleep this week in general. Must get to bed earlier from now on.


Gym time with mom

(I was trying to post this last night, but had some issues with Flickr and I figured it wasn’t meant to be. So here is my post from yesterday).

Day 1 of my 4 days off was a nice one. I love the ability to take off of work in the summer vs. the winter. A lot of my co-workers take off in winter and I think they’re nuts! I’d much rather be home with the windows open and have the ability to be outside when I want to.

I cleaned around the house and then around 9:45, my mom came over. We headed to the YMCA together and she signed up for a free membership. She’s in a really nice program called Silver Sneakers through Humana insurance that allows senior citizens to get free memberships at certain gyms. The program also offers a class at their main gym and the Y. Once she was all signed up, we hit the gym.

We started with stretching, which my mom didn’t want to do. I told her how important it was and I showed her how to do downward dog and the other various yoga and non-yoga stretching moves I do before and after a workout.

We lifted some weights, walked on the treadmill, used the Freemotion weights, and concluded with the Cybex Arc Trainer, which made both of us sweaty! It was fun to spend time with my mom at the gym and I wish she lived closer so we could do it more often.

Next, we went to Sam’s Club so I could load up on the things I like to get from there. I picked up more chobani, tortilla chips, pita chips, string cheese, french baguettes, Food Should Taste Good cheddar chips, raspberries, strawberries, deli meat, & Bolthouse Farms Strawberry Banana smoothies. I never look at clothes at Sam’s, but my mom encouraged me to look down those aisles with her. I picked up some socks and a really nice pair of yoga/workout pants from Green Tea brand. They fit great and are “supersoft” as the tag claims they are! Felt like pajama pants instead of workout pants.

I suggested that we have lunch at my house instead of at a restaurant and we could use the baguette and deli meat to make turkey sandwiches, so that’s what we did. Much healthier than eating out!


Mom’s “I don’t want my picture taken” look.


Smiley mom.


And to conclude our day together, we checked out what was still left at the World Market that is closing soon in Greendale. Not much was left and the percentages off items hadn’t increased since I was last there. Boo.

When mom left and I was feeling a bit hungry again, I had one of these delicious bars.


After I took a shower, I headed to my favorite mall, Mayfair. I had a coupon for a free item at Aveda I wanted to use up before it expired. Banana Republic was supposed to have a good sale. But, I quickly found out that the Gap was where it was at for the sale. Their sale priced items, which was most of the store, were all an extra 50% off. I found a pretty red t-shirt that is dressier because it has a silk trim around the collar and I got a black short sleeve sweater. Both items only came to around $20. Awesome!

I wasn’t too hungry for dinner and Craig wanted more homemade salsa. So, this is what I ate. The bread’s purpose was to dull the jalapeno spicy flavor and it worked.


My first in four days off flew by pretty quickly. I hate when that happens!