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MAM, Anaba and Thirst and Vine

I was furloughed today, so I enjoyed my afternoon by doing a couple of things in Milwaukee.

I checked out the Milwaukee Art Museum’s Posters of Paris exhibition. I am always impressed by the exhibits there and this one was no different.


I went to Alterra after and had one of their Sportea Iced Teas. It was green tea with electrolytes, etc. and really tasty. Just the pick me up I needed after walking in the 100 degree heat.


Then I met my social coordinator for the summer (she keeps coming up with cool places to check out and classes to take so this is what I am calling her now), Karis, who asked me to check out a Portraits of Milwaukee exhibit with her at Anaba tea room in Shorewood.



The photographs were great and I’d recommend going to check them out! The photographer, John O’Hara, shot various scenes of Milwaukee, such as the state fair, nature scenes and Milwaukeeans enjoying our wonderful city.

We went up to the rooftop garden, which would make a lovely place for a wedding or a great place to escape to and enjoy a cup of tea.



Then we headed over to Thirst and Vine on Oakland Avenue for dinner.



I liked this sign, of course.


After reading positive reviews about it, I ordered the lunch portion of the four cheese mac and cheese, which was very comforting.


The size was perfect because I managed to finish it all and I don’t think I could have done that with the dinner sized portion.


It’s back to work for me tomorrow, which will feel strange after being off for two days!

From bird poop to a lucky Friday

My morning started out kind of bad, well shitty (literally).

As I went out to my car, I noticed lots of bird poop and then a bunch of flies on the bird poop on my door handle. Lovely, huh? I had to go back inside to get a paper towel and clean it all off so I could even get in my car. As I left, Craig mentioned something about that being a bad omen for the day. Boy was he wrong because my day ended up being a great one (thankfully).

Before discovering the mess that was my car, I had cereal, which is all I am craving for breakfast lately. Last night, I set out the thin bagels, a banana, pb, and chia seeds to make a nice little breakfast with, but I didn’t feel like those items, so I went with Raisin Bran instead.

raisin bran, coffee

While taking a break to eat lunch before leaving work, I was reading my personal e-mail and saw that I won a giveaway on Anne’s blog for cloth napkins! Except for the crap incident, my day had been going good up until this point, but this made it even better.

I chose these cute “Make Every Day Earth Day” ones!



Lunch was the other half of the Subway footlong I got yesterday and a vanilla activia yogurt.


I left work early after getting good 5 hours in. I headed north of downtown Milwaukee and went to Performance Running Outfitters in Shorewood to pick up my 10k race packet. I still plan on walk/running it and I hope I can make the requirements for the timing with that plan.

Performance Running Outfitters Shorewood

As I drove there, I fantasized about living in one of these gorgeous mansions on Lake Drive. See, the stupid bird poop even got in my picture!

Lake drive milwaukee

Actually, I later decided that I’d settle for a cute house in Shorewood. I just love the walkability of that area of town. I wish our current neighborhood had decent restaurants, coffee shops, and a grocery store to walk to. You know you are a food blogger/foodie when you drool at every adorable cafe you pass and mentally note the location so you can go back there someday.

Back to the 10k packet–the race swag was pretty nice. Here is some of what I got!

Rock 'No Sole race shirt, bib, etc.

Is it wrong that I am so excited about the free massage that I already booked it for the morning of my birthday at the end of August?!

free massage coupon!

I originally had plans to go to Whole Foods this afternoon, but decided that I can go there in a couple of weeks after a dermatologist appointment that is right near there. So, I went to Sendik’s for some produce.

Sendik's Shorewood

While there, I saw this sign and knew I had to take a picture of it for Karis.

High Cross Farm sign

Pretty cool that High Cross Farm is selling to Sendik’s and the grocery store advertises farmer Steve and his farm.

High Cross Farm Sign Sendik's Shorewood

high cross farm veggies

I even spoke to a lady that was nearby and explained why I was taking pictures (Karis, I used you as an excuse instead of the blog). I am sure most bloggers can relate that I sometimes feel like I have to justify why I am whipping out my camera to take pictures of somewhat odd things like vegetables in a grocery store. 🙂 Unfortunately, I didn’t really need any of the veggies they had featured, so I left without anything from farmer Steve.

I had a good workout session this afternoon. It was empty at the Y and I had lots of energy. I went on the Cybex Arc Trainer for 15 minutes, ran on the track for 10 and walked some too, lifted a full circuit of weights, lifted free weights, and did squats on the bosu. I added more weight to most of my arm exercises and had no problem doing them. I am glad to see some progress in my strength.

Another thing that made my day was that I found out I will be trying out some new products and hosting two giveaways in the next couple of weeks. Not sure when exactly, but stay tuned and keep reading! They are good ones too!

Have a wonderful 4th of July weekend! We’re just hanging around the house and relaxing, which is fine by me.