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Movie night (Tuesday recap)

Despite feeling sick most of the day, I had a good Tuesday.

Breakfast was a mini bagel with strawberry cream cheese, a bowl of Dannon vanilla yogurt with fresh strawberries and chia seeds.

yogurt, strawberries, chia seeds, mini bagel with strawberry cream cheese

I had peppermint tea as a snack around noon. My stomach was still full from breakfast and from a colitis side affect, so I ate lunch later in the day.

Lunch was a ham sandwich with spinach, a Greek style Stonyfield peach yogurt and two Oreo cookies.

oreos, stonyfield greek style yogurt, ham sandwich

After work, I ran home, meditated, jumped out of meditation and forced myself to get my fitness clothes on right away, headed to the gym and lifted weights and ran 1.27 miles or so on the treadmill. The first couple of minutes, my right knee did hurt, but I pushed through and did just fine.

Then I rushed home, showered, ate dinner and got ready to head to the movie. Craig and I got into it and had to sit close to the screen, but that was ok. Source Code was pretty good. I think it’s a good DVD rental, but I wouldn’t pay to go see it. That’s my advice. I am not a huge Jake Gylenhaal fan though. If it was Matt Damon in it, I probably would have said it was an excellent movie. 🙂

Dinner was a mini bagel with peanut butter and nutella on each half and then I snacked on a Pink Lady apple on the way to the movie. I still wasn’t that hungry at this point in the day.

mini bagel, nutella, peanut butter

source code, pink lady apple

Now I have to catch up on today’s post!

Wish there was more time in the day…

I may not blog tonight because if Craig and I get lucky, we’ll get in free to the movie Source Code tonight. Our local paper offers free tickets if they draw your name, but there are always long lines and no guarantee that you’ll get into the movie. We’re going to try anyway and hope we can get in because we both want to see the movie.

So, I have to leave work a little early, meditate, hit the gym for a quick session and then shower, eat something and leave the house. I really wish I could have worked out this morning, but my body needed the sleep. I finally woke up refreshed and feeling better than I did yesterday.

Hope you’re having a great Tuesday!