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Gorgeous Fall Day

Hooray for the work week being over!

I started off my Friday with stovetop oats with a small banana, pumpkin puree, apple slices, and wheat germ.

This was the first time I remember having wheat germ, although the taste was familiar. My mom said she buys it, so maybe I had it at my parents’ house before. I liked it! I especially loved the apple slices in the oats. I think I’ll be adding those again soon. I seem to be addicted to apples lately. When I run out of them, I instantly feel like I need to go and buy more.

wheat germ, apples, stovetop oats, coffee

I left work a little earlier than normal today because it was just so beautiful outside and I couldn’t stand being indoors anymore. Before Craig came home, I went on a long walk around our neighborhood while listening to the Dishing Up Nutrition podcast about diabetes.

One of the nutritionists mentioned working with a Minneapolis area based company where their cafe actually charged more for junk food than for whole foods. The whole foods were cheap on purpose so the employees would choose the healthy options more often. Pretty cool!

walking on a beautiful fall day

The “haunted house” in our neighborhood had this guy outside. Eek! The house actually has haunted house tours every Friday evening during October. Kind of fun for the neighborhood kids.

Halloween decoration--scary face

Craig and I decided to hit the tennis courts after work. We both like playing tennis, but hadn’t done so all summer! Can’t believe the first time we played this year was October 7th! I guess it was a hot summer, but the other excuse is that Craig hurt his knee doing some yard work in May and didn’t want to risk hurting it more by playing tennis. It felt good to get out with my racket! We weren’t the best, but that’s ok. We had fun and got some exercise in. There was a cross country meet at the park we went to and that was neat to watch.

I had half of this Berry Almond Crunch Pure Fit bar before we played. It’s gluten free, dairy free, low glycemic, vegan, no wheat, and has high protein at 18g per bar.

Pure Fit Berry Almond Crunch bar

I really liked the texture. It was chewy and tasty! Can’t wait to try more of the Pure Fit bars.

Pure Fit bar

I picked up another Matt Damon movie at the library today, The Adjustment Bureau, so that’s what we’re watching tonight. I already saw it in the theater with my friend Laurie, but Craig hasn’t seen it yet.

And tomorrow morning, I will or will not chop my hair. Either way, the side bangs will give me a bit of the change that I am yearning for with my style. Thanks for all of your feedback on which styles you like from what I posted yesterday.

Hope you’re having a fantastic start to your weekend!

Garden time!

Craig and I took full advantage of our day off and slept in until 8:20 today. The cats were pissed off when I went to feed them. It was an hour and 20 minutes past their feeding time, so I don’t blame them.

Since we have some overripe bananas, I decided to use one for stovetop oats.

coffee, stovetop oats

After lounging around for a bit, we went to Stein Garden and Gifts to get some vegetable plants for our container garden.

I couldn’t resist taking pictures of pretty flowers and plants.





A True Wisconsin Native plant!

True Wisconsin Native Prairie Dock

We picked out six plants to add to the tomato plants we already had at home.

me with plants at Stein's

Craig with plants at Stein's

This story was funnier to experience in person, but I helped an old Italian couple and then they thought I worked at Stein’s. They were asking an actual Stein’s worker where the basil plants were and she told them in the first greenhouse. Well, we had just come from there and those basil plants were horrible. We had picked up ours from the freshest batch of plants that were recently delivered, because we got that tip from a helpful Stein’s worker. I stopped the man and told him there were better basil plants in another area and then after his wife was finally convinced I was being helpful, she followed us to the area. When I showed him the basil, they spoke Italian to each other and then he asked me in Italian where the parsley was. I replied that I didn’t work there and it was probably in that first greenhouse where the herbs were though. He kept speaking Italian to me and he really had no clue that I understood him, but it was fun to experience listening to him and testing my knowledge of the language. The funny thing was that Craig watched the end of The Godfather II this morning and I was speaking Italian all morning because once I hear it, I start remembering certain words and phrases.

Of course, being that it’s Memorial Day weekend and everyone is planting their gardens and flowers this weekend, it was packed. We stood in a long line, but it moved quickly.


Then it was time to mix up soil from last year, put it in the pots and plant everything!


Basil and Green Pepper

We planted two green pepper plants (I will wait for some to turn to red), cilantro, basil, two roma tomatoes, two yellow small tomatoes, one cherry tomato, & a yellow hot pepper.

me with garden 2

This is our second year container gardening. We had good luck with it last year, so I hope it warms up soon around here and these plants do well! I’ll keep you posted and definitely will note when I use garden veggies in my recipes.

container garden

I ate the rest of my Qdoba burrito and hoped it wouldn’t upset my stomach. Of course, I probably shouldn’t have added Frank’s Red Hot to upset my stomach, but it really never seems to do that despite what others think.

I enjoyed lunch with iced coffee.

burrito, iced coffee, Frank's Red Hot

And I thought I would show you the cute t-shirt I got for $6 at Wal-Mart last weekend. It’s the Danskin Active Now brand. A perfect shirt for yoga because it’s longer and nice and loose.

Wal-Mart Danskin Active Now shirt

It’s still gorgeous out, so I am going to lay on the couch, enjoy the cool breeze and read my book.

Tonight, I am going to go to Zumba at 6:30 and maybe I’ll do some weight lifting before that too. Hope you have a great start to your holiday weekend!

Grilled tofu love

Happy Saturday!

Instead of going to the gym bright and early, I chose sleep and the comfort of my bed on a Saturday morning.

After having stovetop oats with banana, various spices, chia seeds and peanut butter, I showered and got ready to head out of the house.

stovetop oats, banana, pb, chia seeds, coffee

I went to Starbucks to meet my friends, but found no one there. After waiting a couple of minutes and not having reached anyone by phone, I left and went to Ulta to shop. Out walked my friend Kim and she was surprised to see me. Apparently she texted everyone about our meet up, but you see, I don’t receive texts. They are literally blocked from my phone and my mom’s (we share a plan) and I like it that way because we used to receive too many junk texts and paid for them.

I picked up two Aveeno products for a mere $6 something with tax (I saved $6 by combining a $5 off Ulta coupon and a $1 off manufacturer’s coupon). I bought exfoliating body wash (for sunless tanning purposes) and their moisturizing and volumizing shampoo, which Kim highly recommended and which I wanted to buy anyway because I loved the samples of that shampoo I used last summer.

Kim and I went back to Starbucks and I got an iced coffee, which I am now addicted to since it’s getting warmer out. We parted ways and I was off to the Brownberry outlet to get various breads.

After running a few other errands, I went to my parents’ house out in the country. In the first couple of minutes I was there, I managed to freeze my mom’s kindle and had to restart the thing with my husband’s help. I finally helped my mom with a few things on the kindle and then cleaned up their computer by removing some programs.

I also ate lunch there–a ham and cheese sandwich on a roll, a pineapple chobani and a sprite.

ham and cheese, pineapple chobani, sprite

I stopped at a Wal-mart on the way back home and while I usually don’t like to patronize them for my groceries, I really didn’t feel like going back out to a grocery store once I got home. I found strawberries for $1 and Stonyfield yogurt cheap. Surprisingly, I also walked away with some Danskin shorts, a tank top and a t-shirt, all from the Danskin Active line. I recommend it if you are looking for reasonably priced workout wear that also fits nicely.

After a 20 minute walk with Craig, I decided that was all the exercise I would get for the day because I needed to make dinner, meditate and do other things around the house.

I pressed some tofu and ate Chobani vanilla yogurt with cocoa granola, strawberries and blueberries while I waited.

Chobani vanilla yogurt, berries, granola

I dug out our George Foreman grill and grilled tofu and asparagus on it for the first time.

dinner-grilled tofu, asparagus and Fat Tire beer

I really liked how firm the tofu got by grilling it and now I’ll probably always want to make it this way!

I topped it with Frank’s Red Hot and paired my dinner with a Fat Tire New Belgium beer.

Dessert was a few bites of pumpkin pie. My mom made some today and gave me a few pieces to bring home. Aaah, I missed the taste of pumpkin! Why do we only seem to eat it in the fall?

pumpkin pie

Well, this post got a bit long and I want to go read some blogs.

It’s move night in our house, but unfortunately, I don’t like the selection: District 9. Craig is watching it while I blog and watch it off and on. Not a science fiction kind of girl. Well, I am picky about my science fiction I guess.

Just a typical Monday

How was your Monday? Mine was much better than last Monday since I got enough zzzz’s. I had tons of meetings to go to today, so I had to be on top of my game.

Breakfast was oats in a jar. I sprinkled in some cinnamon (two types of Penzey’s) and added 3/4 of a banana. I also topped my oats with some chocolate chips.

coffee, oats in a jar

No snack at work today–didn’t need one after that bowl of oats kept me nice and full! I just had a cup of instant coffee for an extra pick me up on a Monday morning.

Lunch was leftover pizza (two slices), strawberry Athenos greek yogurt, and an unpictured pink lady apple.

athenos strawberry greek yogurt; pizza

For dessert, I had havla, which my co-worker brought back from Israel. It was pretty good. Totally love trying new foods from other countries!

Dinner was the leftover pasta with tomato sauce and almond cake for dessert. I washed it all down with some skim milk.

pasta, skim milk, almond cake

My workout tonight was good. The gym was quite packed, so I started with weights, then went on the Octane elliptical, and walked on the treadmill at a high incline. I checked March’s top fitlinxx members of the month board and was shocked to see the number of points the women got last month (my name didn’t show up on the list this time)! Some tough competition out there, but it motivates me to push myself so I can get back on that board another month!

Time to catch up on my blog and book reading!

Change of scenery

Thanks to my twitter viewing husband who saw the tweet about it, I was able to find a cool program to attend at the library during my lunch break today. Hence the title of this post, I got a much needed change of scenery and it felt great!

So, the program I went to was an adult storytime in honor of women’s history month. I grabbed a turkey, avocado, tomato, and red onion panini from the cafe at the library and it hit the spot (I didn’t take a pic because I was talking to the storytelling librarian and I think she would have been confused if I whipped out my camera and took a pic of my sandwich). I also needed a change in my lunchtime food, since I tend to bring my lunch every day, sometimes that gets a little old.

Breakfast was really filling–stovetop oats with a whole banana, pb, and nutella.

coffee (in China starbucks cup); oatmeal with pb and nutella

I tried Weleda’s Lavender Relaxing Body Oil before my meditation session this afternoon. I think it relaxed me a little too much because I kept falling asleep! Anyway, Weleda sent me their Skin Food back in December and this time, I purchased the oil because I was so impressed with their natural products. I LOVE lavender, so this product is perfect as a moisturizer or as an oil to use before meditation or yoga.

Weleda Lavender Relaxing Body Oil

Dinner was a pb and jelly sandwich on the only bread we had left–the ends of the loaf, which I usually find gross and give to the birds. I really shouldn’t do that as they weren’t that bad. I also had a Strawberry Banana Chobani yogurt.

strawberry banana chobani; pb & jelly sandwich

Dessert was a mint chocolate ice cream sandwich (Aldi Fit and Active brand).

mint chocolate ice cream sandwich

And I blogged before 6:15 tonight instead of around 8:30, so it’s time to log off, change into my yoga clothes and get to the gym for a relaxing yoga session with my favorite teacher.

Only one more day until the weekend! Woot woot!

It’s my lucky day!

I am off of work this morning because I have an event to work this evening until about midnight. I slept in a bit, even though our cats were trying their best to knock down the baby gates we use to block them from getting to our bedroom door.

I woke up, had my coffee and breakfast of stovetop oats with a banana and topped with sliced almonds, cinnamon and peanut butter.

stovetop oats with sliced almonds, a banana, and peanut butter

For my morning coffee, I had to grind some whole beans and noticed something fantastic on my Starbucks French Roast package.

French Roast Starbucks coffee

See it? When I finish using the whole beans, I can bring in the bag to Starbucks for a free tall coffee. It’s the little things in life that make me happy.

free coffee at Starbucks from whole bean bag

Speaking of little things in life, I was reading blogs on my iPod while eating my breakfast. I went to Tina’s Trading Up Downtown
and discovered I had won her “Tea for Two” giveaway! I scored a really cute teapot and some Sarabeth’s ceylon tea.



After letting my breakfast settle, I hit the gym. I did 36 minutes on the elliptical and then a few weight machines.

Well, here’s hoping that I maintain my good luck streak and that my event goes well tonight.

Enjoy the rest of your Friday! I am definitely looking forward to the weekend.

We don’t have any plans, but we will need to hit a few home stores to purchase organizational items for our house. My husband’s work wellness program allows him to purchase fitness gear up to $150 a year and his work reimburses him. For the month of February, we get to purchase certain organizational items for the house and they will reimburse for those! Sweet! We’ll need to get to Target, Home Depot and Bed Bath and Beyond. I doubt my husband will want to go to all three stores, but I won’t mind looking around somewhere like Bed Bath and Beyond all by myself, especially when getting free items to organize us.

Adios y hasta manana!

Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work I go…

I am going into work soon, so this will be a somewhat quick and short post.

It is freezing out this morning and I decided to skip the gym. I cleaned the house instead and did laundry.

Breakfast was stovetop oats with pumpkin, vanilla extract, a bit of brown sugar, pumpkin pie spice, two different types of cinnamon spices from Penzey’s, a banana and a bit of frozen berries. I topped it with pom arils. I made too much, so I saved some for tomorrow morning.



I also organized my coupons this morning and sorted them into their respective envelopes. I just use an old cosmetic bag and envelopes labeled with the coupon type. Karma was enjoying the sunshine (while sitting in the Amazon.com box) and it was quite shadowy in our living room.


Lunch was the quinoa dish I made last night and a blueberry Oikos greek yogurt.


I just had another cup of coffee because I need to stay up until midnight. I am an old lady and can’t really stay up past 10:30 without feeling so tired. These late events are hard on me because my sleep schedule is out of whack and because when I get home from work, I find I am still kind of wired and thinking about the event and what could be done differently, etc. Oh well, hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work I go…

I was just about to post this and the UPS man came and delivered a package. Holy best mail week ever (I love getting mail, but doesn’t everyone?)!! It was from the nice folks at Newman’s Own Organics. Four different types of licorice to try–black licorice, tangerine, strawberry and pomegranate. Cool fruity flavors, huh? Can’t wait to dig into some of those this weekend and I’ll share my thoughts on them, of course. 🙂

Hope you have a wonderful Friday!

Full moon craziness

Does anyone else believe that the full moon brings out the crazies? I didn’t know why today was so horrible and nuts until at the end of the day, a few people in another department had told me that they experienced the same craziness and it was a full moon tonight, so that explained everything. Let’s just leave it at this: I didn’t have a good day. I know that I need to change the way I react to issues and be more positive. I also know other things that I cannot say on here, but wish I could.

My day started off right…I made a glorious and filling bowl of stovetop oats for breakfast this morning.

stovetop oats

I added Libby’s pumpkin (about a 1/2 cup), all spice, cinnamon, a whole banana, frozen berries, vanilla extract, honey and a few raisins for some chewiness. It was very tasty and satisfying! Much better than my cereal and milk breakfasts. It did take more time to make, so it’s for those mornings when I have the time.

stovetop oats, coffee


Snack at work was another cup of coffee with some Newman’s Own Organics mini pretzels.

Lunch was gardein’s santa fe good stuff, a cinnamon applesauce and a lot of carrots. An unpictured dessert consisted of two strawberry laffy taffies.


When life hands you lemons, go home and bake chocolate chip cookies.


Dinner was frozen pizza. I was so tired that cooking was the last thing on my mind. I needed to bake comforting cookies, not cook.


Yoga was at home with Craig instead of at the Y. I left work late and then Craig said we could do yoga at home, so that settled that. I really missed my Y yoga class, but will do it this Thursday evening.

I guess on my really bad days, I just freeze and don’t want to do anything. Anyone else do this? Or any good tips to get out of a funk when you are in one?

From tired to energetic

The end of the week laziness set in last night, so I didn’t blog or make it to the gym. I just laid on the couch. I swear that my body shuts down on Friday nights and it’s impossible for me to do anything. Guess the week wore me out more than I thought it did.

I made up for the Friday night case of the lazies by having tons of energy today. I got up around 8, ate this breakfast:

English muffin with strawberry jelly and a Whole Soy & Co. Cherry yogurt, plus coffee of course.

english muffin with strawberry jelly, yogurt, coffee

Whole Soy & Co. Cherry yogurt

I didn’t love this cherry flavor. I think I got strawberry last time and it was better. This tasted more soy like. I like my dairy yogurt I guess and if I was vegan or had lactose intolerance, I would choose soy yogurt over having no yogurt at all.

I went to the Y and hit the 8:45 yoga class. It was mostly flow, with some pretty difficult poses thrown in. It’s funny how much more difficult it is for me to do yoga in the morning vs. at night. My hips hurt and don’t feel warmed up at all in the morning. Some of the difficult poses really struck my hip area with pain.

After an hour of yoga, I still had tons of energy, so I hit the elliptical for 10 minutes, the rowing machine for a bit and then did a full circuit of weights.

I got home and still had more energy than I knew what to do with. Threw in some laundry, showered and ate lunch, which was a Morningstar black bean veggie burger, Irish cheese, tomato on an Arnold’s Thin. I also had a cup of cinnamon applesauce.

applesauce and Morningstar black bean burger on arnold's thin

Dessert was Newman’s Own Organics dark chocolate with some all natural peanut butter chips.

Newman's Own Organics dark chocolate and pb chips

Then, I went to about 6 stores in an hour and fifteen minutes. They were all quick trips. I picked up a silicone swim cap so I can hit the pool soon and protect my hair.

I went to Sears to check out the Golla camera bag I want to get before our trip to Florida. I had only seen it online, so I wanted to check it out in person.


I liked it a lot–it’s stylish, roomy, and looks like it will be comfortable to carry. I took pictures of how the bag secures with a strap on the side and a Sears worker came over kind of looking at me suspiciously.

Golla camera bag

I explained to the worker that I had been researching the bag online this morning and talking to my husband about the different features. I was explaining how the bag secures magnetically in front and with the side strap, but my husband didn’t think that sounded very secure. He was concerned someone could just come along and open it up when I wasn’t looking. The Sears worker didn’t seem to like the bag I chose and showed me a very standard DSLR case. I explained that I liked the one I chose because it didn’t look like a camera bag and he said “no, it looks more like a lunch pail.” I argued back that it looked more like a purse and didn’t scream “DSLR camera bag” or tourist. It cracked me up that he used the word “pail” and gave my husband a good laugh when I got home and told him about it! I guess my opinion is sure to be a little different than that of a 50 something year old man!

Anyone have a camera case that is stylish and cute to recommend? I am about 90% sure I will go with the Golla, but then I feel bad if it looks to feminine for my husband to carry. I take all of the pictures on our trips, but he often carries the camera because I deal with a purse. The nice thing about the Golla is that it has numerous pockets and areas for me to carry purse items in, so I may not even need a big purse.

And as I wrote this post, I was snacking on some Stonyfield blueberry yogurt with pom arils.

Stonyfield Blueberry yogurt and pom arils

Time to hit the grocery store with Craig for a big shopping trip. We need lots of food!

Quick meal recap from Friday, January 7, 2011.

Breakfast was stovetop oats with ground flax seeds, half of a banana and pomegranate arils. It was kind of blah, but filled me up.

coffee and oats with pom arils

I treated myself to my free lunch at work and got a grilled cheese with avocado, bacon and tomatoes. I had a cup of fruit on the side.

lunch on 1-7-11. Fruit and gourmet grilled cheese

Dinner (no picture)–I had a tortilla with pinto beans, some cheese, salsa and Frank’s Red Hot.

Hope your Saturday has been fabulous! After the grocery store, I want to make a nice dinner for Craig and I and bake some more chocolate chip cookies.

Back to work

I had a very good Monday back at work. Didn’t come back to too much and got a lot done.

Breakfast today was stove top oats mixed with flax seeds. I topped it with Justin’s Chocolate Hazelnut butter. I decided to try a packet of this vs. buying Nutella. I really liked Justin’s flavor (less sweet than Nutella, which is a good thing in my book) and the texture was nice (more gritty than Nutella).

stovetop oats with Justin's Chocolate Hazelnut Butter

Justin's Chocolate Hazelnut Butter

I made myself another cup of coffee at work and snacked on some barbecue flavored Soy Crisps from Newman’s Own Organics.

Barbecue Soy Crisps and coffee

I ate lunch really late because of a meeting. My breakfast and snack allowed me to hold off a little on my lunch time.

lunch 1-3-11

Lunch was tofu and veggies leftovers, two clementines, a Stonyfield Cherry Vanilla yogurt and two chocolate chip cookies. Through blogging, I realize I have a big appetite for lunch and vary my lunches a little more than my dinners with the different food groups. I eat more calories during lunch than any other meal. Does anyone else eat this much for lunch on a regular basis?

After work, I went to Bodyblast Boot Camp at the YMCA and we had a new teacher. He had some good stations set up. My favorite was the punching bag and the kettle bells. Unlike other boot camps, we got to choose the stations we wanted to go to and there were about 8-10 set up. I liked having the choice.

Dinner was a whole wheat tortilla with pinto beans, spinach leaves, tomatoes, salsa, Frank’s Red Hot, and a bit of colby jack cheese.

whole wheat tortilla, spinach, pinto beans, tomato, cheese

I had a banana with the rest of Justin’s for dessert (and an unpictured cookie).

banana and Justin's

I need to try to make some of this with the food processor! The ingredients are pretty simple.

ingredients in Justin's chocolate hazelnut butter

And to end, I had to share this somewhat fuzzy, but hilarious picture of Tanzi squishing Karma last night.


Hope you had a good first Monday of the new year!