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A nice day for a walk (or two)

Good morning! Just a quick post for you because I need to shower, get ready and then head to the salon for some highlights.

It was so nice out yesterday, so I took full advantage of it by taking two walks at work. First, I took my fifteen minute break to walk to the library to return a book and pick up two DVDs.

The second walk was during my lunch break. I worked at my desk and ate and then I headed over to Starbucks with my empty coffee bean bag tucked away in my purse.

I got a cup of the Pike’s Place roast (one of my favs) and relaxed by the window.


Then I took my coffee for a walk and headed back to the office. It felt so good to get outside of my cubicle.


That cup of coffee helped me power through my Friday afternoon and get a bunch of stuff accomplished.

After quitting time, Craig and I made light mac and cheese together, I did some laundry and then we watched Horrible Bosses. It was different than we thought it would be, but we both enjoyed it.

I am looking forward to seeing The Debt tonight. It’s set in Berlin and since I have been there twice and love it, I enjoy seeing movies set in the city.


I guess it’s not great to talk about work in general on the blog and I do it more than I should when I am feeling down about it, but have you ever had a horrible boss?

When I lived in California, I had the worst boss and I can’t believe I put up with her or that she got away with the stuff she did to me and another female co-worker. Luckily, I have had two good ones since then. One of them reads my blog and she was definitely the best and most supportive boss I have had.


Hooray for TGIF! I can’t believe I never used “TGIF” as a title before now!

Breakfast was Stonyfield French Vanilla yogurt with strawberries and blueberries. Never seems to get old.

yogurt, berries, coffee

Snack at work was an iced coffee and chocolate chip scone. I treated myself because it was Friday and because my belly was hungry.

iced coffee, chocolate chip scone

Lunch was a ham sandwich with spinach on whole wheat and a mango Chobani yogurt.

baby carrots, ham sandiwch, mango chobani

I ate outside and listened to Jillian Michaels’ podcast, which was excellent! Obviously from this picture, you can see I also listened to it on the way to work this morning! I loved the topics she got into and I found the information really useful. I actually may listen to the beginning of the podcast again and take notes. Thanks for the suggestion to download this podcast Denise!

Jillian Michaels iPod podcast

Unfortunately, I kept getting interrupted while eating and listening to my iPod. I had to tell a guy to leave me alone and back off. Everyone was asking me for money (three separate people did).

Right before I left work, I ate a pink lady apple. I’d have to say this is my favorite type of apple. I had no clue they existed until I lived in Switzerland. Is it weird that I remember where I started eating certain types of food? 🙂

pink lady apple

After work, I napped on the couch. It was glorious! Craig and I went for a walk around the neighborhood too.

Dinner was just Stacy’s pita chips and an electrolyte drink. I didn’t think my stomach could handle anything else.

We’re watching The Social Network for the second time tonight. I liked the movie the first time and it’s fun to re-watch it.

Hope you are having a great start to your weekend!

The Food Revolution has begun!

Wow, Twitter was crazy tonight during and after Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution. I am glad he is getting people to support his cause. Too bad he can’t get the LAUSD to do that so far. Go Jamie! We have you’re back!

It was so sad to see all of that food the kids brought in from their schools. We can do better than nasty food in plastic packaging and sugar loaded flavored milk. Come on America, wake up! What a sad society we are becoming with our food choices and laziness. Maybe we’ll really become the future human society featured in Wall-e someday.



I tweeted that his beef info made me want to become vegetarian. He tweeted in general to everyone that his point wasn’t to do that, but to have people become more educated on the meat they are buying. I agree, but since I was a kid, I really never liked meat and thinking about where it came from. I still am considering becoming a vegetarian since my diet is about 90% vegetarian anyway.

My food choices for the day were:

Breakfast–Post Great Grains Cranberry Almond Crunch with skim milk and coffee with So Delicious coconut milk creamer.

great grains cereal, coffee

It was a busy morning at work, so I woke myself up with a nice walk outside to Starbucks. My tall coffee was free because I handed in a Starbucks coffee bean bag.

I also munched on a whole peanut butter cookie larabar. I always tell myself I will only have half, but then once I start eating, I can’t stop!

starbucks and peanut butter cookie larabar

I wore my pedometer at work today and by lunch time, I had about 6,000 steps in!

Then it was time to sit, have lunch of leftover tofu & asparagus. I coated the plain tofu in the lemony garlic olive oil mixture from the asparagus and it was divine.

chobani strawberry, tofu, asparagus, clementine

I ate the chobani and clementine as a snack at about 3 p.m.

Lunch was actually spent away from my desk instead of reading blogs and a book. I got to attend a lecture at my work and I geeked out with the famous person who was speaking. If I would reveal who it was, my workplace would also be revealed. Let’s just say it was one of the best lectures I have ever attended at my work.

I had to stay somewhat later at work, so after I got home from work, I meditated and then Craig was home. We went for a walk/run right away around the neighborhood.


Today was a training day for me to run for 20-25 minutes. I just ran for part of our walk, but we definitely walked for 20 plus minutes.


running in the park

Dinner was a plain bagel with an egg white, cheddar cheese and Frank’s Red Hot sauce. I also had skim milk and some red grapes on the side.

bagel with egg whites, grapes, skim milk

It’s late and I want to read before bed, so I am off to read some blogs and a book.

Did you watch Food Revolution tonight? If so, what did you think? Did you watch the West Virginia episodes last season?

Barbies, exercise, and a yummy dinner

It was another great day for me/us! The warm weather put me in a good mood. 🙂 I can’t believe it got up to the high 70’s today in Wisconsin! We aren’t used to these kind of temperatures at this time of year.

So, I woke up this morning and realized I have been dreaming about weird things lately. I remember this, but I woke up in the middle of the night from a running dream and was actually pounding my feet on the bed and woke Craig up. Then, I was dreaming about bananas too. I had a dream about brussell sprouts the other day. Craig said, “you’re even a food blogger in your dreams!”

I started out my day with coffee and Post Great Grains Cranberry Almond Crunch cereal.

coffee, Great Grains Cranberry Almond crunch

My parents came over mid-morning to bring a big filing cabinet to us. I will be glad to get rid of paper work from our office and organize it in this cabinet. They also brought some of my stuff they were still storing at their house, including my Barbies. Yes, I still have my childhood Barbies and I am 30 years old. Doesn’t every 30 year old still have theirs?

Karma enjoyed playing with one of them. He was attacking her at one point.

Karma and Barbie

After my parents left, I fueled up for a run/walk with some water and a clementine.

water, clementine

Craig and I were pretty warm after spending about 20 minutes outside.

I went to the gym after that and lifted a full circuit of weights, biked for 22 minutes, did squats and abs on the BOSU, did some abs on the Swiss ball, and lifted free weights. As you can see, the warm temps (extra warm in the Y workout room) motivated me to workout today!

Back at home, I made a chocolate banana protein smoothie. I added ground flax too.

chocolate banana smoothie

I didn’t really eat much else for lunch. The warm temps are affecting me and reducing my appetite.

I finally finished Animal, Vegetable, Miracle in the afternoon! I read this book pretty slowly, but really appreciated learning about the Hopp/Kingsolver family’s experience with eating from their farm and eating locally for a year. Looking forward to discussing it at the book discussion this week!

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver

I was excited to start Crazy, Sexy, Diet, so I dove right into that selection. I love it so far!

Crazy Sexy Diet

Dinner was fresh asparagus roasted with olive oil, lemon, garlic, sea salt and ground pepper from Penzey’s. Yum!


And some tofu.

asparagus and tofu

Now it’s time to get off of here and pay attention to the Amazing Race!

How was your Sunday?

Short post

Just a short post from me today because it’s been a busy one. Normally, I can start my post for the day on my lunch break, but I didn’t do that today. I was so busy at work and my mind was racing on my lunch break, so I read blogs instead of starting a post.

Breakfast was Jessica’s gluten free granola in the Almond Cherry flavor with skim milk and coffee.

coffee, Jessica's granola

Snack at work-coffee and a jalapeno cornbread muffin.

jalapeno cornbread muffin, coffee

Lunch looks huge, but wasn’t really. I had a Boca Bruschetta veggie burger on an Arnold’s Thin with a chipolte Laughing Cow cheese. I had some more of the Vegetable Medley with chiles, a Granny Smith applesauce and the raspberry chocolate attune probiotic bar. Ok, maybe that was a lot of food. I tended to overpack this morning and saved half of the veggies and a yogurt I threw in later for my lunch tomorrow.

boca bruschetta, applesauce, veggies, attune bar, laughing cow, arnold's thin

Dinner had to be fast because I worked later, drove home through the still not so greatly plowed streets and then had to eat and get to the Y.

I had the last of the buffalo tofu on a whole wheat tortilla with spinach and a piece of swiss cheese. More buffalo sauce was poured on top, of course.

buffalo tofu wrap

I ran to the Y, secured two spots in yoga class, and met my friend Danielle for yoga with my favorite teacher. She hasn’t taken that many yoga classes before, so she was learning the poses as we went. Whenever I do yoga I think to myself, “I should do this every day.” I wish I had more time in my day so that would be possible, because I also need to incorporate exercises that get my heart rate up and strength train. After class, we walked the track for a while and caught up on our lives.

Now it’s nearly bed time and I apologize for the boring post, but I need to relax some more and then get a good night’s rest. I have a big event at work the next two days, so I need my sleep!