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Le Reve Patisserie and Cafe in Wauwatosa

If there is one restaurant in my hometown that I have been talking about getting to for ages, it’s Le Reve. I finally accomplished that goal on Saturday. My friend Danielle and I get together at least once a month and we planned ahead on a shopping and Le Reve date. Both of our husbands don’t like French food (or so they think) and so I had the perfect dinner companion to go with.

Oh and please excuse my iPhone photos. I wish I could have brought my DSLR, but that just wasn’t possible because we went shopping at Mayfair before and after dinner!

We got there around 5:15 and found the restaurant busy, but nowhere near as packed as when we left. I would definitely recommend going early!



Isn’t the interior adorable?



We were seated upstairs and it was cozy, yet not cramped at all.



Danielle was shocked by how small her diet coke was, but I told her it must have been the kind they sell outside the US that isn’t sweetened with high fructose corn syrup.


We started with Crostini de Brie and literally said oooh and aaah as we ate it. Total comfort food!


I ordered a crepe with vegetables (legumes printaniers) for my entree. It was tres bien!


We both still had room to share a dessert, so we ran downstairs to check out them out and decide on what to get. They were all so beautiful!




We finally settled on a Gateau de Noisettes–a Hazelnut Cake. The sweet older couple next to us teased about which of us would get the sole raspberry. Danielle got it. I preferred to have the toasted hazelnuts. I am a huge hazelnut fan. Have been ever since I lived in Europe.

I only wish I could have snapped a better photo. This was an amazing cake!


I also ordered some macarons to bring home with me. Can you believe that I had never had macarons before? I have always admired how pretty and petite they are, but never had the opportunity to try one. Not even in Paris.

I had to dig out my DSLR on Sunday and shoot some photos of these gorgeous and delicious cookies.

Le Reve macarons

pink macaron

green macaron

While I thought the pink was pretty, I actually preferred the green and cream colored cookies.

pink macaron

I hope to get back to Le Reve very soon! I’d love to try breakfast or lunch there next. Or maybe just go for dessert and coffee sometime.

Le Rêve Patisserie & Café
7610 Harwood Avenue
Wauwatosa, WI 53213
(414) 778-3333

Oro di Oliva in Wauwatosa

Last Saturday, I stopped by Oro di Oliva in Wauwatosa to check it out and use my Groupon. We finally got to the point where we finished our olive oil and I was itching to use this Groupon up.


The store is located in downtown Wauwatosa, on Harwood Avenue. It’s clean and simple inside. They also have a location in Whitefish Bay.

After taste testing about five different flavors, I picked out a Jalapeno flavored oil. It was $20 for the largest size of 350 mL and my Groupon was worth exactly $20, so that worked out perfectly. I really preferred that flavor to others and I knew Craig would enjoy it too. I figured it would be great on quinoa and pasta dishes this summer.

The description of the Jalapeno from their website: Whole Jalepenos are pressed with olives to make this unique oil. Wonderful peppery taste that adds a nice glow to food without leaving your mouth burning.

Oro de Oliva

I tested out some of their flavored balsamic vinegars. There were so many delicious flavors to choose from! One of my favorites was the pomegranate balsamic. It was so yummy! I am sure I will be back to get that sometime.

If you are looking for a nice gift for someone or a gift certificate, I definitely would recommend Oro di Oliva.

This post is my opinion and I was in no way compensated by Oro di Oliva.

Flat Top Grill in Wauwatosa

Last night, I went to Flat Top Grill in Wauwatosa with my friends, some of whom I hadn’t seen since June!


I signed up to receive information from the restaurant and got a coupon for a free appetizer. We chose to share edamame with sesame and spicy dipping sauces. Loved the taste of the sesame sauce!


Our waiter explained how the ordering process works, but I clearly wasn’t paying attention and didn’t bother to read the board in great detail because I missed ordering the bread and would have gotten some greens on the side too. I was able to get a couple of pieces of bread (thanks to our nice waiter) and lettuce (thanks to my friend Kim).

Basically, you get to pick out various vegetables, a sauce and the meat of your choice, brown or white rice and then the cooks mix it all together for you. We had to ask for rice because they were out of it when we went up there. The staff were all so accommodating and sweet when we needed things they were lacking or when we were forgetful about things.






Kelly and Loni


Jenny and Kim


Here’s my meal. I picked various vegetables, potatoes and vegetarian meat. The sauce was customized by someone that works there after I told her what types of dishes I like. I tasted the first version and told her it was too sweet. She spiced it up a bit and it was perfect.


Unfortunately, Loni and I weren’t feeling so good by the end of our meal and I was still feeling sick this morning. Just could have been random, maybe too many veggies or something else.

I would recommend Flat Top Grill, but I do have to caution that buffets where various food is out in the open makes me a little nervous, especially because I have a sensitive stomach and because I did get sick last night from the meal.

In the end, it was so nice to catch up with my girl friends, chat about iPhones, our lives, their kids, travels, weddings and future places people are going to live in (Guten Tag Switzerland for my friend Laurie)!

P.S. my instagram photos aren’t so great and doh, I figured it out. I’ve been feeling so out of it this week because I’ve been going nonstop at work and after work. My temporary plastic cover is still covering my camera lense on my phone, so it all makes sense now as to why the flash wasn’t working properly last night. I need a case stat but I am still researching!

I <3 Frozen Yogurt!

Can’t believe the weekend is almost over! Where did it go?

Breakfast was non-fat plain Chobani with raspberries and blueberries. It was a little too bland for me, so I added some Bonne Maman jam too. Is it just me or does Chobani seem thicker than it used to be? I was so full after this big bowl!

Chobani, berries, coffee

Lunch was a spinach salad with mushrooms, grape tomatoes, herbed tofu, and feta cheese.

Salad with tofu, mushrooms, feta

Then it was time for us to head out of the house. We took a drive by the house that my sister-in-law bought last week! It was cute and in a nice area. I’m excited to see the inside now.

After that, we went to Mayfair Mall to check out the laptops.

Apple store Mayfair

I’ll definitely be getting one of these very soon. The reason that I didn’t buy it today was because I want to clean some items off of my current iBook a bit more before having the Apple store transfer items to the new computer.

Macbook Pro

iPad with Macbook Pro info

I played with Photobooth for a while. 🙂

Photo on 7-24-11 at 1.31 PM

Then it was ice cream/frozen yogurt time in Wauwatosa!

Craig and I are signed up to get a free scoop of ice cream from Baskin Robbins for our birthdays. He picked out cherry and it was tasty!

Baskin Robbins cherry ice cream

Right near Baskin Robbins, there is a new frozen yogurt place! It just opened in June of this year. After becoming a bit obsessed with frozen yogurt in Florida, we longed to have a place like Menchie’s or Pinkberry in Wisconsin. We finally have it with Yo Mama!

Yo Mama! Tosa exterior

Yo Mama! Wauwatosa

Here’s how it works:


Yo Mama Tosa "how to"

Craig always goes for the fruity combinations and I go for chocolate, caramel, etc. Today, I chose Dulce de Leche and Cake Batter swirl. I topped it with heath bar crumble, brownie bites, & cookie dough. Fantastic combination!

Our total for two came to $8.31, which this numbers freak got excited about because my birthday is 8/31 and I love when it pops up unexpectedly at a cash register like that. I know, I am a dork. The yogurts were 45 cents per ounce.

Dulche de Leche/Cake Batter frozen yogurt, brownie bites, choc. chip cookie dough, heath bar crumbles

The interior is cute and reminded us of Menchie’s in Orlando, Florida.




Love the wood on the exterior.

Exterior of Yo Mama

I’ve come to the conclusion that I could open up my own frozen yogurt place and just eat it all the time that way. 🙂

We walked down the street and I was reminded that I still need to check out the French Cafe Le Reve and the olive oil place next door sometime.


What a great afternoon with Craig!

I needed to burn off some of the frozen yogurt, so after a little cat nap with Karma sprawled out on my lap, I hit the gym. I biked for 25 minutes (my ankle is not in tip top shape again, so biking is mainly what I have been doing lately) and lifted weights. I even went to the “men’s weight” area and used the barbells in there to do some Body Pump moves. I was so proud that I broke through my fear of going in that area. Now I’ll never be scared again (I hope).

This is so wrong, but while I meditated, I started craving a BLT. Well, we didn’t have any bacon, so I was imagining a tempeh BLT sandwich and that’s what I made!

Tempeh Sesame Garlic

Like frozen yogurt, tempeh reminds me of Florida because the first and only other time I tried it was while we were there in February. I had it in my Whole Foods salad bar creation and I liked it then.

I cooked it up on the stove and topped it with spinach, mayo, and roma tomatoes.

Tempeh, Spinach, Tomato sandwich

Time to go watch a movie, since I have been half ignoring it and half paying attention.

How was your weekend?