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Lucky Friday the 13th

Did you know that 2012 has had 3 Friday the 13ths? It’s my lucky day and year I guess! 13 is one of my lucky numbers.

I spent my lucky Friday feeling unlucky in some ways. I met my friend Laurie at Panera to teach her how to use WordPress and blog in general. Unfortunately, we ended up at different Paneras on accident and wondered where each other was. We finally connected and my luck turned around when she bought me breakfast! I enjoyed a yummy egg and cheese sandwich on ciabatta.

Later in the morning, I met my mom to go shopping. We got our free refreshers drinks at Starbucks. We both tried the berry and it was yummy!



After doing some shopping and having no luck in the clothes or shoes department today, we treated ourselves to Yo Mama in Brookfield. It was my first time checking out this location.



I got the cake batter with fruit and assorted borba balls, gummies, etc. Aah, I missed frozen yogurt.


The interior of this location was more spacious than Tosa.


They had the same cute lights I love so much though!


And the same funky, super tall chairs.



I loved this water fountain, or bubbler, as we call them in Milwaukee.


So cool that it has a spot to fill up water bottles and track how many bottles the fountain has filled up.


Back to the bubbler–here is a fun explanation posted above the water fountain.


The frozen yogurt fueled us up for a trip to Costco! My mom is a member, so I stocked up on a bunch of stuff–nothing too exciting though. Mom and I basically had our lunch there in samples too!

What do you call a drinking fountain in your town? What are your favorite fro yo toppings?

I <3 my iPhone 4S

It’s almost 9 p.m. and my body is still feeling stressed. It’s been one of the those days…

I started the day by using one of the dry shampoos I mentioned in my post yesterday–Suave. (It’s been a hair themed week and there’s a post coming tomorrow morning about styling products so look for that if you’re interested).

Suave dry shampoo (and Karma)

It was only $2.75 at Target this past week and I figured it was worth a shot (especially for the time it saves me). It smelled tropical and did the trick.

Reader and fellow blogger Farrah commented today that she wouldn’t recommend trying the Suave dry shampoo, but it was too late. Actually the points she made about why she didn’t love it were good ones I should have made about dry shampoo in general–it made her hair feel heavier and turned it white (something I should have pointed out for all of you dark haired ladies). Because my hair is light in tone, I’ve never really seen any white powder from the dry shampoos I’ve tried. I also brush the product out after letting it sit for about two minutes. Dry shampoo also makes my hair feel heavy, but I wear it up in a ponytail most dry shampoo days so that doesn’t even annoy me.

At the end of my long day, I came home to the best package on my doorstep: the iPhone 4S I ordered a couple of weeks ago!

iPhone 4S box

iPhone 4S box front


iPhone 4S menu

Since my phone arrived today, that meant my mom could get her new cell phone too. She came over and we took care of that at the AT&T store. No smart phone for her–just a regular phone with internet and texting blocked so she can’t get into trouble. 🙂

I was able to play with the iPhone a bit tonight and I absolutely love it so far. There’s so much to explore and learn on it, but it’s pretty similar to my iPod touch, so there isn’t a huge learning curve.

Wish I had another one of these to drink tonight–a Fallen Apple fresh-pressed cider blended with cream ale. I tried it over the weekend and it was pretty good! (Thanks Kimmy)!

Fallen Apple Cream Ale Brew with Apple Cider

Maybe I need to have a glass of red wine before bed instead and try to forget the stressful day I had.


New ‘do

I used a Milwaukee based groupon type coupon this morning to get my haircut at a new salon. I had a great experience. The salon owner cut my hair and she did a wonderful job. We had a lot in common, so the conversation kept going and I felt comfortable with her as a stylist.

After my cut was over, she touched up my lip gloss and cheeks and then took head shots of me. That is part of the salon experience there. I thought that was pretty unique and nice. Next week, I’ll be able to download the photo to my computer. If it turns out good, I’m hoping I can use it for my new gravatar picture.

So, how did it turn out?


before haircut


I got side bangs, but didn’t go totally short. I think she cut off about two inches. I figured the new bangs were enough of a change for now. I don’t love my hair too short anyway. If I had an oval face, I think I’d go short all of the time. But with a round one, I feel like my face shape is just emphasized.

When I was out running errands after the cut, I did notice that I kept touching my bangs to keep them out of my face. I think if I hairspray them good enough, they won’t annoy me like that.


new haircut-side swept bangs

I think it will look better when I flat iron it. The stylist noticed that I have wavy hair naturally and that does tend to make my hair look frizzy on the ends. She didn’t flat iron it and just used a round brush while she blowdryed.


After my haircut, I went to A Gluten Free Frenzy, which was nearby. I don’t need to eat gluten free, but I think doing so helps colitis when I have a flare up. So, I checked out the shop to see what they had to offer. Like most gluten free products, the prices were high overall, but they had a really good selection and I am sure it is paradise for someone with Celiac Disease or a gluten intolerance. There were many familiar healthy food brands available like Bobs Red Mill, Amy’s, Pure Fit, Kind bars and Think Thin.

A Gluten Free Frenzy Brookfield

There is only one Ulta location in my area, so I went there to use my $5 off $10 or more coupon. I got this Kenra hairspray after seeing it recommended on another blog. I’m going to need it to control my new bangs!

kenra hairspray breast cancer

Next, I stopped by Penzey’s to use a coupon for a free “teach” box (my second one, it’ll be great to use as a Christmas gift for someone) and I purchased some Italian salad dressing base to get the teach box for free. Craig and I loved the Italian dressing we had at Ann’s Italian restaurant last weekend and I want to try to recreate that.

Penzey's Italian Dressing Base

Finally, I hit the mall, even though the weather was too nice outside to stay there for long. I just wanted to look at a couple of stores that I knew were having good sales.

I was craving a pumpkin based drink from Starbucks, so I got a Pumpkin Spice Frappucino. Trying on clothes had worn me out.

pumpkin spice frappucino

I hadn’t had whip cream on top of a drink for a while and it tasted yummy!

whip cream on top of starbucks frappucino

The only thing I tried on today that fit perfectly were some gray pants from the Gap. They had 50% off certain pants and with a $10 gift card, I got the pants for about $21. Fantastic!

It’s still gorgeous outside so we’re going to hike around a local pond. Last time we went there, we had bad luck with bugs, geese and deer on the trail. I am hoping we have a better experience this time!

New Glarus Brewery visit

The final stop (well besides a quick trip to the outlet mall) on our trip to Madison and New Glarus on Saturday was to the New Glarus Brewery. It’s just south of the town of New Glarus and easy to find.

I searched for the brewery on Twitter and discovered this article, that may be of interest to you beer lovers out there.



New Glarus Brewery signs

Spotted Cow sign

You could taste beer inside or outside. I didn’t feel like tasting any and neither did my mom. I had to drive home and beer just makes me tired. I have tried Spotted Cow before and liked it. The article I linked to above says that it’s the #2 selling beer in Wisconsin (right behind Miller Lite).



Me at New Glarus Brewery, exterior


The view from the patio area outside was beautiful!

view from New Glarus brewery

We took the self-guided tour around the brewery and it was really neat to see the processing plant.

me at New Glarus brewery





Every workplace should have this sign up!

A Positive Attitude Leads to a Postive Outcome

Mom at New Glarus brewery, interior

It was cool to see a microbrewery that is independent and thriving in Wisconsin.

The owners are Dan and Deborah Carey. I didn’t know it until reading her background just now, but Deborah actually founded the brewery and she is the first woman to found and operate a brewery in the U.S.

Before leaving, my mom picked out 8 beers at the Beer Depot to take home with her. She chose some Spotted Cow, Uff Da, Totally Naked, and Two Women.


mom picking out beer, New Glarus brewery

New Glarus beer at brewery, Wisconsin

I really wanted to try and buy the Raspberry Tart and Belgian Red (beer with Door County cherries), but the bottles are huge and I would never be able to finish one of those by myself!

If you are ever nearby Madison, I would recommend the trip to New Glarus brewery and to New Glarus!

New Glarus is ausgezeichnet!

This is a continuation of my recap of a little road trip I took with my mom on Saturday, August 6th.

After leaving the Madison farmers market, my mom and I headed to New Glarus, WI, which is about 30 minutes southwest of Madison.

We drove through a cute little town, rolling hillsides, and beautiful farms.

Since I lived in Switzerland for six months and loved the architecture and quaintness of Swiss German towns especially (I lived in the Swiss Italian region of Ticino), I figured I would adore New Glarus because it was founded by Swiss Germans from the Canton of Glarus. I was right, I loved it there!



Of course, there were many Swiss cows around town.










The church in town was so pretty!



Lots of German on the buildings and street signs!



We walked down the adorable main street in town and found little restaurants, bakeries, souvenir shops full of Swiss items, etc.


We walked in the bakery to check it out and it was so packed, so we walked right out. Unfortunately, we didn’t go back either. 😦

Baeckerei Kondiforei New Glarus, WI

After asking for restaurant recommendations from the lady in the souvenir shop, we settled on eating lunch at the New Glarus hotel.

New Glarus Hotel 1853, WI



Mom and I loved the interior of the restaurant and the menu had authentic Swiss meals on it. Ausgezeichnet! (Which means excellent and happens to be one of my favorite German words).





I had Raclette Roesti for lunch. I loved Raclette and had it in Lugano at festivals in town. This meal definitely brought me back to the comforting flavors of Switzerland.

Raclette Roesti New Glarus Hotel


Mom had vegetable Roesti.


We had a cute little view of the town.


Below the New Glarus Hotel is the Ticino Pizzeria. I had enough pizza in Lugano, so that is why we didn’t eat there! Plus, we can get pizza anywhere. As they say in Italy, “basta!” (enough) I used to say “basta with the pasta” because I got sick of eating it so often.

It was fun to see the name of the Canton I lived in on a restaurant though!

Ticino Pizzeria, New Glarus, WI

I clearly loved New Glarus and hope to bring Craig there someday. It’s so pretty and everyone there was so nice.


Next recap will be on the New Glarus brewery!

Madison Farmers Market recap

Yesterday, my mom and I ventured out on a little road trip west of Milwaukee.

Before leaving, I fueled up with a big breakfast of a poached egg on toast, half of a banana and chocolate chip muffin, and some coffee.

breakfast 8-6-11, poached egg, coffee, half of a muffin

First, we headed to the state capital, Madison, for the ever popular and super packed farmers market. Did you know that the market is the largest producer-only farmers’ market in the country?

Madison Farmers Market canvas bag


Madison Farmers Market

It was fun to check out what was in season and also to see unusual items like these golden oyster mushrooms.



Or these gourds.


There was a little mini garden in the middle of the market.



Many stands had honey and maple syrup for sale.


We tried fried cheese (mmm) and cheese curds here.


Mom ended up with a huge cheese curd sample on accident!

Mom and huge cheese curd

We saw unusual produce like bittermelon, which we knew nothing about.


These eggplants were so pretty.


HUGE kohlrabi.



So many gorgeous bouquets of flowers too!


flowers, rhubarb

pretty flowers

And strange, but neat looking trees.


It was pretty hot in the sun yesterday, so we took a little break to walk around the capital building.

Madison Capitol

Me at the Capitol, Madison

Mom in Capitol building Madison

La Follette

Our state animal, the badger.


Until I showed Craig these pictures, I hadn’t noticed that my mom was standing on something about recalling Walker. I won’t get into politics on the blog though and say anything more.

Mom outside of Capitol Madison

We saw pretty onions.


Instead of buying one of these (I was stuffed from breakfast), I took a picture to remind me to look up a recipe for a rhubarb oatmeal bar.


We sampled some Door County cherries (our favorites).

door count cherry sample Madison farmers market

Mom bought corn, beets, and caraway rye bread from here.

bread at Madison Farmers market

I ended up with two zucchini for $1.00 and three sweet corn for $1.00. Score! Oh and mom shared a part of her caraway rye bread too.

What a lovely way to spend a Saturday morning! The funniest part of our morning was when a squirrel ran towards a stand and tried grabbing something (it was the stand with the huge kohlrabi) and then everyone in the crowd shrieked and moved away from him. He was acting crazy and was just totally hungry for some good Wisconsin produced food!


We still needed to cool off when we were done perusing and we headed over to the Steep and Brew stand for some iced coffee.

Mom with Iced Coffee, Madison

Steep and Brew Iced Coffee, Yum

We walked around the gift shop of the contemporary art museum in Madison and I found this funny book, but I didn’t buy it. It was hilarious!

Cats Are Weird book

Then, we were off to New Glarus! This post is jam-packed enough with photos, so another post on that destination will have to wait until later!

Lunch and shopping with Mom

Happy Sunday! Boy did this weekend fly by. Today especially did because I wasn’t home for most of it. I could use another day off.

Breakfast was Crunchy Nut cereal and coffee.

Crunchy Nut cereal; coffee

Craig and I went on a walk around the neighborhood this morning. We ran for a bit too and that’s always fun to do together.

We need a case for our Kindle, so we went to Best Buy to check out their selection. They had some nice ones, but nothing we’d purchase on the spot because we are both researchers who like to take a lot of time with selecting products like that.

So, the Kindle was purchased for us to share. Then, Craig got to thinking that we may want to each have our own because there is a sweet Mother’s Day deal on them right now. $189 for the 3G one, with a $25 Amazon gift card included in the purchase. I actually signed up for an Amazon credit card last night, so I have a $30 credit waiting for me too. In the end, the 3G Kindle would be a really good deal right now and it would be great to have our own for going to work, reading at night, trips, etc. I may order another tonight and then the 3G would be mine. 🙂

I drove out to my parents’ house around 11:30 and picked up my mom to head to lunch. She’s turning the big 72 tomorrow, so I wanted to spend part of today with her.

We went to Pal’s Ice Cream Shoppe and Grille in Genesee Depot.

Pal's Ice Cream Shoppe and Grill

Totally cute house and really nice staff.

Pal's Ice Cream Shoppe and Grill outside

mom and I

mom outside of Pal's


Love this gazebo!

Outside of Pal's Genesee Depot

And the inside was beautiful too, especially the door moulding.

Pal's Genesee Depot

Pal's Genesee Depot

Lunch was a Vegetable Pita with cucumber sauce and fries. I haven’t had french fries in ages and these were really good.

french fries, cucumber sauce, veggie pita

Mom had the same thing.

Mom at Pal's, Genesee Depot

I took more pictures after lunch. I went a little camera crazy today. 🙂


When we walked into the restaurant, an older couple was sitting here, enjoying their lunch. When we left, the lady said to us, “do you want a tour?” She told us she used to live in the house and was giving us the background on which room was what in the old house. It must have been a beautiful house to live in! How weird to come back to a house you used to live in and it’s now converted into a restaurant!


Loved this sign about giving your children candy in their lunch every day.


Mom and I then did what we do best together–we shopped! We just ran to Marshall’s, Kohl’s and Target in Delafield. I had already found a beautiful floral scarf for only $15 in Genesee Depot at a really cute store there called The Pink Shopping Bag Boutique. I got black Tommy Hillfiger shorts at Marshall’s and mom got gardening gloves. Kohl’s disappointed me because I had high hopes to get the Oxo mixing bowls and a silcone pastry brush, but figured out that Bed Bath and Beyond will be cheaper for those items with their coupons. At Target, I just got my gummy multivitamins and some Target brand vanilla calcium and Vitamin D chews. I scoped out their Kindle cases too.

kindle cases Target

Phew! I was tired after shopping, but had to help my mom with some computer things, such as how to use a USB drive and how to download photographs to the computer. I barely got to visit with my dad, but today was dedicated to my mom anyway.

When I got home, I was wiped and took a nap. Too long of a nap because I skipped the gym AGAIN. No more slacking–this week was definitely a big rest week, even though I did exercise outside this morning, it’s not the same as going to the gym. I miss it, I just seem to feel like the days are flying by and I am choosing not to go to the gym and do other things instead.

I wasn’t too hungry for dinner. I spoiled my appetite with two Nutella cookies and then was good and had a blueberry Chobani.

Ok, this was a long post so speaking of doing other things, I need to manage my time. I’ll go plan my workout schedule for the week, post it and also get back to watching Amazing Race.