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Exhaustion and Larabar Winner

I am still exhausted from work over the last couple of days. I walked over 13 miles in two days just at work alone. My feet were killing me on the second day! The good news is that I worked my butt off to get that program all organized and well run and it paid off. It went well and there were no hiccups. To hear the word “great” over and over again was so nice!

My pedometer from Friday.


Bus ride into work on Friday–my Crumpler bag was my red item for the March Photo a Day.


On Saturday morning, Karma was loud per usual, so he was my loud thing for Saturday’s march photo.


Did you hear about this story? I feel bad for the lady. Maybe it’s the midwesterner in me, but she is allowed to like Olive Garden and be excited for it to have come to her small town. I loved Olive Garden back in the day but haven’t been there in ages.


This story was also in the Sunday newspaper today. I’d love to pay more for a hotel that has group exercise classes or workout equipment in my room.


And finally, the winner of the four larabars! Congrats to Mindy from just a one girl revolution! Mindy, please e-mail me your address and your phone number. 🙂 Thanks to everyone for entering.

I’m off of work tomorrow and I need another rest day. I’m actually headed to spend the day with my parents, so it will be a nice change of pace.