Body Pump, Swinging and Christmas decorations

This morning, I read the Sunday paper, had a blueberry Chobani with pomegranate arils and chia seeds on top.

Blueberry Chobani, pomegranate arils and chia seeds

I also had a berry smoothie before heading to the gym. My friend Angie met me there this morning because the free trial week for the Milwaukee area started today. I showed her around a bit and then we headed to Body Pump. It was a good class and I should really do it more often.

berry smoothie

I was very hungry after Body Pump, so I ate right when I got home. A slice of leftover pizza, a whole wheat tortilla with shredded cheese and pinto beans and a Breyer’s chocolate ice cream sandwich. Told you I was hungry!

Then, Craig and I went on a walk around the neighborhood. It was a little warmer out today, but we still bundled up. Pardon my shiny face, all I put on was sunscreen and no makeup!

Out for a walk

I swang!



I saw the Christmas decorations on our walk and wanted to get ours out. After all, they’re only up for about a month during the year, so why not get the house decorated right after Thanksgiving!

Hung the berry wreath on our door.

Berry Christmas wreath

I got the mini Christmas tree and ornaments out. We have to have a mini tree because of our cats. In fact, last year was our first with this tree and the cats pulled it down to the floor one day. Nosy, naughty buggers! I hate to imagine what would happen with a big Christmas tree.



Our ornaments are from many time periods and places. Some are from our childhoods and most I collected on our honeymoon in Europe, so there is one from Prague, a lot from Germany and one from the Netherlands.


These are from my childhood–Strawberry Shortcake and the pink Care bear (which I had the stuffed animal version of).

Strawberry shortcake and Care bear ornaments


This is from Berlin, Germany and I had to buy it since we were on our honeymoon and I love birds.

German ornament groom and bride

The decorated tree!

Christmas tree

Christmas tree

To stay in the Christmas spirit, I am watching Love Actually now. I love it when the character Colin says, “I am off in three weeks, to a fantastic place called Wisconsin! Wisconsin babes, here comes the Colin!”

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


One response to “Body Pump, Swinging and Christmas decorations

  1. Your wreath is so pretty!
    We are putting our tree up tonight, I’m so excited!!!


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